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    Now we are at paladins :)

    Hey just wanted to see how you fellow priest looks at the overhealing done meters ?
    I know overhealing really is useless but if you look at it and see paladins so extremely high on that, think about how much HpS they are actually putting out. It is huge amounts they can throw out and that is while they still dont get near oom'ing .
    This is not a QQ post because I dont really care about paladins I dont have numbers of times i have saved a MT, OT or a dps with a Power word: shield
    Well well pew pew me some PoV
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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    well its changing your healing again i supose

    now that the CD increased you will have to time healing i supose with an increased chance on overhealing but the healing should still be fine over multiple targets.

    before you could spam it with 90% certainty it will hit as effective

    its just healing different now but i think if you are skilled enough or used to heal you can find a solution

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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    It's to do with how Paladins are structured and the fact they are primarily used as single target or MT healers. It is far safer to overheal a tank to ensure he spends a large portion of his time at full health over waiting for his/her life total to be low enough to ensure your heal is utilised fully.

    In addition Paladins have a tremendous amount of crit, and with the exception of Divine Favour their crits are totally RNG based. It leads to a situation where the normal portion of the heal probably doesnt overheal the tank but the crit portion does.

    Lastly if you were to spec disc you would see a very similar pattern to a holy paladin... in some respects they are very similar except that disc has some funky damage prevention mechanics. But the end of the day a disc priest can spam Flash Heal, throw in penance every CD, along with PW:S and never go oom. As such a decent portion of their heals will be overhealing from the fact that spamming is safer and that they will customise for crit to proc shields.

    Overhealing means very little except in situations where encounters demand mana effeciency. It's probably something you can ignore until your raid is consistenly wiping from lack of healing mana... until then the overhealing meters can pretty much say anything and it means squat.

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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    Think that is my answer, thank you
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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    I think mana issues pala/priest has to do with replenish mechanic aswell, giving % of manapool regen, since paladins goes for intellect and priest (especially if you want more mana return) goes for spirit. Think again priests and druids. Intellect is nearly (or maybe even more?) as valuable as spirit now, with replenish. 2-3k extra manapool is a guess from my side is average for paladins in Naxx gears, should matter a whole lot. Intellect is now also pushing your own mp5 besides replenish.

    Maybe Blizzard could base replenish on both int+spirit for better balance.

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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    If the OP is disc though, he should ideally have about the same mana pool as a paladin. IMHO at any rate. My naxx geared priest, has 22k mana and 28% crit unbuffed, and I never, ever have issues going OOM. The only exception, is maybe during the KT fight, because most of my heals seem to be overheals, so I don't get much back from rapture. At the same time, I can't wait to heal, becasue the frostbolts can really own a tank if it doesn't get interrupted. At 22k, my pennance returns more mana than the cost if all 3 crit, which isn't a far cry, it happens all the time. Replenishment doesn't give near as much back as rapture, but still, like the other fellow said, Replenish is much more useful with bigger pools. However, it is much more useful for disc I think than holy, because the way I see it, holy should be looking to spirit for their mp5, while disc should be looking to int/rapture.

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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)


    Intellect is better than spirit in a raid setting. Assuming you have replenishment, is grouped with a shaman, full raidbuffs and use all cooldown when available, 1 int is worth between 0.4 and 0.5 MP5 depending on specc and whether you are blood elf or not. Arcane Torrent rocks.

    Intellect is not very good while soloing as holy/disc as you do not have replenishment. Replenishment alone is worth 0.1875 MP5 per point of intellect.

    Spirit is the better regen stat in solo play. While raidbuffed, At 1293 intellect, 1 spirit = 0.33-0.4 MP5 depending on specc and whether you are human or not. This value is while casting. While not casting, at 1293 int, 1 spirit = 1.10-1.20 MP5 depending on race and specc. While spirit is slightly less good than intellect unless you get out of the FSR, the stat kinda makes up for it because you inevitably do.

    1 MP5 is worth 1 MP5 at all times, but cost 2.5x as much as 1 point of any other stat in itemization. This means you can multiply the other values in this thread by 2.5, making MP5 slightly better than spirit while casting, but significantly worse than spirit while not casting. Either way, intellect is the better stat for regen while raiding.

    A good priest picks a little of everything (arguably except MP5) to cover all bases.

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    Re: Now we are at paladins :)

    Judgement of light
    Glyph of holy light
    Beacon of light

    All those are making atleast 60% of paladins overheal

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