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    PitBull problems

    hey there,

    i'm using pitbull raidframes. as a holy pally i'm switching between several targets obviously. but everytime i'm switching to a boss or trashmob to judge it, i'm getting a 2-3 sec. lag. everything freezes.... only happens when switching between mob and raidmember... has anyone experiecend similar problems?

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    Re: PitBull problems

    Use grid and clique to heal (turn off Pitbull raid frames) and keep the mob targeted @ all times

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    Re: PitBull problems

    i play as a holy priest.
    i'm not a big fan of grid. i set up my pitbull raid frames in a similar fashion to grid, i just didn't like the grid options/required accessories.

    anyways - i use a focus target frame to have the boss show at all times and clique to heal. never had any problems switching targets. the only time my actual target frame actually shows up is if i use a keyboard button to cast.

    good hunting

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