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    Fastest Malygos Kill [10 man]

    Does anyone know the record holder for the fastest malygos kill ?

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    Re: Fastest Malygos Kill [10 man]

    13.87 seconds.

    Alextraza holds the speed kill of her brother =)

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    Re: Fastest Malygos Kill [10 man]

    Some horde in Blackrock realm downed malygos while 2 minutes left on rage timer

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    Re: Fastest Malygos Kill [10 man]

    Don't forget the times on new malygos and old malygos are very different.

    Old Malygos could be killed incredibly quickly. New malygos is a lot slower.
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    Re: Fastest Malygos Kill [10 man]

    What they did was, they had to intentionally wipe if they had a spark spawn from a shittly location. They only attempted when the 2nd spark spawned from the same location of the 1st one came from.
    So they only used 2 spark to get to the 2nd phase.

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