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    Holy priest cap

    Hi guys

    Ill need some help with this, i need to know the cap for spirit, haste, crit and spell power for holy priest. Well i know that spirit and haste have cap but i dont know if crit and sp have too.

    Please i have 675 spirit but i dont know if this is good or not, same with haste and crit


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    Re: Holy priest cap

    That's a veeeeeeeeeeery low amount. You should post your armoury instead, since you sound severe undergeared.

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    Re: Holy priest cap

    There is no cap actually - there are numbers you can get in best T7 gear, but they are different to the stats you were stacking and prefer.

    The only real cap to spellcaster of any kind is haste - it is 50% haste(1 sec gcd) but it is unreachable, at least at the current gear. I don't think it could be.

    I am not sure about crit cap, you need to check EJ, partial resists part. But only dps-casters care about it, otherwise you can get 100% and the only problem for it is absence of gear.

    As numbers:
    Holy T7 priest in raid: 1200 int, 1400 spirit, 2.6-2.7 spd, 20% haste, 25% crit.
    Dis T7 priest in raid: 1500 int, 700-800 spirt, 2.6-2.7 spd, 20% haste, 30-35% crit.
    Can't tell you about shadow.

    Wel..l you have somewhere to climb ;D good luck

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