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    Shadow Specs and Rotation

    So, by Page 7 I couldn't find shit on the different specs for PvE and PvP for Shadow. Only things I did find were "OMG is shadow OP?" and "Shadow = PvP Target Dummy".

    Can anyone help me out with specs for both and a rotation/spell priority for both as well? Thanks. I just recently hit 80 with my Priest and would like to have the best possible spec and rotation to maximize my DPS and utility. If anything, I just need a PvE spec and rotation since that's what I mostly do.

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    Re: Shadow Specs and Rotation

    And by Page 8 I find this...

    From EJ (http://elitistjerks.com/f77/t37074-s..._specs_glyphs/)

    Mearis writes:

    The traditional opening sequence is something like Vampiric Touch, Devouring Plague, Mindblast, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word Pain - since at this point all the debuffs should be stacked on the boss.

    On use + crit trinkets should be used prior to casting Shadow Word Pain as well.

    After you have gotten all your dots on the boss, play as follows:
    1 Refresh VT as priority number 1
    2 Refresh Devouring Plague as priority number 2
    3 Mindblast if 1 and 2 are done
    4 Mindflay is 1, 2 are done and Mindblast is on cool-down
    5 Shadow Word Death iff you need to refresh a dot in ~2 seconds and mindblast is on cooldown. Shadow Word Death is almost never worth using except when opening, since it causes two shadow vulnerabilities when building up your stack.

    And this for a Shadow Build

    Looks solid to me... >.> Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Re: Shadow Specs and Rotation

    Too bad it's dated and SWeath was hot fixed to only give one stack of Weaving. Althou, currently, Mind Flay is bugged to give two stacks of weaving on initial cast.

    If you don't mind waiting for your pain cast or replenishment:

    Mind Blast, Touch, Plague, Death, Flay then one of two options; Mind Blast if you never proc'd spirit tap/shadow glyph - Pain if you proc'd spirit tap/shadow glyph.

    You could also mix it up with:

    Mind Blast, Touch, Plague, Death, Embrace then Mind Blast into Pain.

    There's a lot of different ways to start. Once you are fully stacked... then what Squeezadin posted about 'spell priority' is right on the mark. Thank god S.Priest don't have a set rotation because it would get severely boring. I like actually having to think about spell priority and not just follow the spell combination like many classes. Press 1,1,1,2,3.... 1,1,1,2,3... etc.

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    Re: Shadow Specs and Rotation

    I typically use Touch - MB - MF - DP - SW:P. This gets Replenishment rolling immediately, and puts DP up with 4 stacks of SW, and SW:P with 5.

    Big thing to remember: If you don't cast SW:P with 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving, MF will never refresh it to the correct amount. You'd have to recast it once 5 stacks are up. There are a number of different ways people use, I don't think I've heard one stats as the most efficient.

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