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    Druid Stealth Bar

    I've been told Bartender4 and Dominos would add another bar when I go stealth in cat form, but I don't want to have to change all my action bars, just want a new one to show up when I stealth just like rogues. If anyone has one please let me know thanks!

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    Re: Druid Stealth Bar

    in bartender4, in the menu options for each bar there is a tab for visibility. i have used these features to show when in/out combat, when flying, when fishing.... i'd check to see if there is a 'when stealthed' option.

    good hunting

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    Re: Druid Stealth Bar

    Dominos should have this functionality inherently, but there should be a paging/stance tab on the individual bar configuration menu (right-clicking, say, bar one to get the menu that also allows you to adjust size, number of buttons, etc.)

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