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    Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    With Blizzard slashing spirit across the board in 3.1, does that not reduced some of the 'buffed' damage that shadowpriests can now do? It looks like shadowpriests are gonna get a little nerf to their damage.

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    You want to explain how a change in OOFSR regeneration nerfs spriest dps?

    I'm not sure if you read the entire blue, but it's going to have little to 0 impact on spriests. This is because talents like meditation will be getting buffed to compensate for the effect it will have on regen inside FSR. This means if you regen 100mp/5 inside FSR you will continue to regen 100mp/5 inside FSR but instead of 300mp/5 OOFSR you'll now do 280mp/5... last I saw spriests spent their entire time inside the FSR.

    The actual spirit number isn't going to change so all our dps talents linked to spirit remain unchanged... all it means is that the equation used to convert spirit to mp/5 will change and that won't do a damn thing to spriest dps.

    So again I ask you to explain how spriest dps is going to be affected?

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    Correct me if I'm wrong but won't Improved Spirit tap be affected by this change? Spirit goes shadowpriest a bonus to spellpower if your spec'ed into Twisted Faith. Also the Glyph of Shadow will be affected as well. If there is a reduction of spirit will mean a reduction to shadowpriest spell power.

    If I am wrong, please correct me.

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    You are right. Spirit affects IST. But Blizzard isn't nerfing spirit, they are only changing the way it affects many regeneration outside of the 5 second rule (meaning you are in a non-casting state, and in that state regenerate mana much faster). As a SP, you are pretty much always inside the FSR. The amount of spirit is not going to be decreased, meaning your Spell Damage boost from Twisted Faith is unchanged. The only possible change may be to IST, in regards to how much mana you will regen while casting under IST. I hope this clears your issue up a bit.

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    It does. Thanks!

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    Actually, they are decreasing amount of regen per point of spirit, but buffing imp spirit tap which I assume means they are making it a higher % of your spirit. Since the same amount of spirit will be present, that would mean a higher (probably negligible) spellpower when imp spirit tap is up.

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    It has also been stated that IST will be changed so you will gain what is lost from the new spirit regen calcs.

    There will be 0 change to spriest regen or it will be so small it might as well be 0.

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    It's all good to just dps away and not look at your mana(Hell I didn't even use any water during our last Naxx run), but I wouldn't mind just a little bit of mana management here and there. Now it's just about casting shadowfiend when you want extra damage and casting Dispersion... Well when does someone cast Dispersion anyways? I'm using it as a PWS...

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    Re: Shadowpriests and Mana Regen incoming change

    Do those mana regen changes seem odd to anyone else? There isn't anything in it that would affect discipline even the slightest bit. Maybe that new mass-shield will be reeeeeally expensive.

    I'm surprised that it seems like it will play out as an overall nerf to the already lacking spirit stat. If clearcasting works like Innervate in the sense that the regen is spirit-based that will help offset it though (god please don't make it another percentage of max mana). Makes you wonder how they will solve Omen of Clarity though...

    All in all, I want more reasons to get spirit, not less. There are enough classes that stack int already. I also really hope that spirit stays ahead of mp5 in usefulness, a balance that is already threatened. Spirit IS the priest. What the hell is mp5?

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