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    Hello there, this is gonna be a thread where your are more than welcome to say your opinon, but you are supposed to argue why you find your idea/thoughts better/right, meaning that I would really like people to ignore any retardedness/flamming and trolling.

    Okay, the thing is that I'm generally pleased with Blizz's idea about bringing the player and not the class, bur I think they have taken it to far now:

    1: Way to many classes seem to be bringing the same buffs and utility now, which might be a good thing, but I find it too much, since the classes are getting closer and closer to performing the complete same tasks, whish I think is kinda destroying my fun, knowing that there isnt really any difference in being a mage or a lock.

    2: This is a from a Shadowpriest/hybrid point of view; I know that Blizz wants hybrids to do 5% less dps than a pure class, since the hybrids bring more utility.
    I'm perfectly fine with that, if I felt I brought that utility, but I dont.
    Replenishment have now been given away to both locks and frost mages, and if you dont know, it doesnt stack, which mean that you only need 2 classes bringing Replenishment in a 25 man raid.

    You could ofcourse argue that a Shadowpriest or Moonkin for that sake, can heal if needed, but after what I know, that never happens. I have only healed ones, and thats it.

    But my point is: I think the classes aer getting pretty much identical, and that the pure classes are now recieving some of the hybrids buffs/utility, and I dont like any of this.

    Ofcourse there are still some changes to come so who knows, there might come some changes to make of for my fears...

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    Re: changes....

    In my opinion, if we are to do 5% less damage due to utility bonus's associated with our class, and those utilities are being given to other classes, then we should have to be healing in certain situations. The only times I've successfully healed to keep an encounter going was in a 5 man. In any other situation, having to heal has either resulted in my heals not being sufficient or me running out of mana and then being of no use.

    Every hybrid class can either tank or heal. How often do you think an unholy death knight is going to be able to pick up a 25 man boss, receive heals and live? Never.

    If you don't need a shadowpriest for replenishment and you don't need one to off heal, then why would you bring one to the raid when pure classes are doing more than 5% higher dps.

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    Re: changes....

    Bring the player, not the class.
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    Re: changes....

    "Hybrid" is a very relative term. Nobody even thinks that a shadow priest will heal a raid, but they can respec. As we can see this has a good, and a very, very bad side.

    Right now "pure" classes such as mages and warlocks bring a lot more utility to the raid. Better buffs (and boss debuffs), and better dps. So basicly you deal 10% less dmg for the ability to respec to a different spec when you get bored with what you are doing.

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    Re: changes....

    Shadow Priest are starting to lack behind when it comes to raid utility.
    But, as Mr. Crawler has stated: "30 specs total, 25 raid spots". And it's definatly not at the point where it's particularly hard to find a raid guild that will bring you.
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    But we're worried that logic might not lead to the best game.

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