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    debuff help

    hey there, im an arcane raiding mage, and i use x-pearl for my unit frames.

    question im asking is, can you help me find a mod that is moveable and can count my arcane blast debuffs.
    reason is that x-pearl puts my debuffs under me where they get overlaid by the first char in my party, and you don't get to chose where the debuffs go besides above of below the frame.

    im looking for a mod that will allow me to chose a place to put my debuffs.

    thanks in advance

    in before the insults: i must be a shit mage who can't count to three or blah blah blah, maybe it's just useful to know.

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    Re: debuff help

    You can use Buffalo or SatrinaBuffFrames to place your Debuffs wherever.

    It may be a better idea though to get ClassTimer and have it display those debuffs, because like this you don't have all your debuffs moved, but only the relevant one.


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    Re: debuff help

    thanks, good advice about classtimer, i'll try that one.

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    Re: debuff help

    Quote Originally Posted by coolcatchris
    i use x-pearl
    Well, there's your problem.

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    Re: debuff help

    You can also try Tell Me When, you can set up however many buffs/debuffs/cooldowns/whatever to watch, so if you wanted to track just one debuff that would be fine. You'd go into Interface and set up how many rows/columns of icons you'd like pictured, 1 x 1 if just one of course. Then right-click the empty box and type the name of the debuff in the field. It may need you to gain the debuff before it shows the icon, so kill a squirrel or something. You then want to select Buff/Debuff, track on Player, show when Active, and Show Timer in the appropriate areas. Pretty easy. You can also re-size how big you want the icon to be and move it anywhere. Oh, and I know the debuff stacks, it will show how many stacks there are. I know many people use bar mods but I'm a visual person and this works best for me. Cheers

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    Re: debuff help

    I'm now a big fan of the mod "Auracle (De)Buff Monitor", from using it on my shadow priest in raids. Customizable display of only the (de)buffs you want to track. Really slick.
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