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    Tagging items

    For a while, I've been thinking about and add-on that would allow me to add a tag to an item. I don't know what it is about my eyes or my brains being able to process, but whenever I go through my bags I always miss that one Salted Venison or Sparkling Frostcap that has ended up there because of auto-loot.
    Now if I could tag items in the game, Salted Venison being 'food' etc., with a proper add-on I could just get a list of all 'food' items in my bags if I wanted to. Thinking beyond, as I've started to gather a healing gear for the upcoming dual-speccing, it would be lovely to tag different pieces of gear with 'healing' or 'melee'. As I already have a sortiment of melee gear for various occasions with me all the time and I keep forgetting half of them even exist already, add healing gear to that and I'd be totally lost.
    To quit the rambling, does anyone know if such add-on exists, or know if it would be even possible to create such thing?

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    Re: Tagging items

    U can create "categories" with the bag addon called Baggins. It requires alot of setup, but once ur finished, it pays off, no more searching through ur bags for a certain item

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    Re: Tagging items

    ArkInventory works well as well.

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    Re: Tagging items

    Quote Originally Posted by Cocoa
    ArkInventory works well as well.
    Yeah, i saw a screenshot of a guildies UI with this addon. It looks awesome.

    I personally use Bagnon, which has a search and the usual "all-in-one bag", but i'd use Ark as well if i ever switched.

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    Re: Tagging items

    heres a screenshot of ark inventory, you can create as much categories as you like, nevertheless sorting items into their respective categories takes a little bit of time

    and yeah i did not go all the way, some stuff is unsorted, especially in my bags, bank is better
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    Re: Tagging items

    Thank You all, ArkInventory does look amazing.

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