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    Leveling questions

    I'm soon heading to northrend and I have some questions:
    Is it better to be lvl 70 when going there or is lvl 68 alright?
    I probably will do more questing than dungeons, how long will it take to be 80 as shadow?
    How useful will mind sear be while leveling?
    Group quests, are there any possible to solo?
    Are there any particulary hard areas for priests?
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    Re: Leveling questions

    I thought there were some lvl 80 priests here?=)
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    Re: Leveling questions

    Level from 68, you have a lot of quests in Northrend so you won't run out. About that /played to 80 - that depends entirely on you, e.g; Do you have previous experience in Northrend? Do you knwo all the quests? Do you have epic flying skill?

    As for the group quest soloing - should be doable, but to make it quicker just find a plate-user to take the pressure off. I wouldn't say there's any areas that are harder for priests than others, all depends on skills.

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    Re: Leveling questions

    Can't really give you an answer on your priest questions, but head to northrend at 68.
    You get a lot more XP, I've done it with several characters and it has worked just fine.
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    Re: Leveling questions

    Well, it's not really a meaty set of questions, so not many people biting. If you want people to bite, you need to make it somewhat controversial, humorous or at least techically interesting. "I heard that there were some lvl 80 priests here" does the trick


    You can easily start in northrend at lvl 68. Either starting zone is perfectly doable at lvl 68. You will level fast up to 70 anyway, much faster than simply being stuck in outland.

    Expect to spend 5-10 days for the last 10 levels, depending on commitment. Top levellers on my server spent 3 days from 70-80, but I don't think they slept while doing that.

    Mind Sear is not really a levelling spell. It's a groupwide AoE spell. it's fantastic for damaging a large amount of enemies. It's one of the highest DPS spells in the game under the right conditions. But in northrend, you won't find many lowlevel mobs to nuke down fast. If you try to pull 20 regular mobs and nuke them down with mind sear, you will be killed so badly that the damage will go back in time and kill your grandparents before you were born. If you have a tank, it's an excellent AoE spell, you just need to learn to use it and accept the fact that you won't hit the person you target.

    Group quests are perfectly possible to do as solo. You may have some troubles while undergeared, but I personally soloed most 3-man-quests as holy (albeit saved by a lightwell at times). I don't see shadow having much more of a problem.

    No many really hard areas anywhere in the game, to be honest. There is always the initial elites that are extremely hard hitting, but you can simply pass them up. Don't casually stroll into Arthas' fortress and expect a hug. Elite mobs are usually not pushovers. And as always, trying to kill mobs way above your own level is still hard.
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    Re: Leveling questions

    i recommend to lvl up in both areas (BT,HF) at 68-72, i just lvled my alt when i completed all q in sholazar basin

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    Re: Leveling questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Croente
    i recommend to lvl up in both areas (BT,HF) at 68-72, i just lvled my alt when i completed all q in sholazar basin
    i started in howling fjord at 68, when i did all quests there (achievement) i was about 70 1/2 and switched to borean tundra.

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