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    Qs: Grinding Spriest 70-80

    I am currently lvling up a Spriest alt just to run some Naxxtwinkraids. I dont want to do those brainfucking WotLK quests again - so I am looking for a way just to grind it up to 80.

    Some questions:

    To I need good gear, or is lvling gear enought?

    Where and what mobs do I grind?

    Can I stay there untill I hit 80?

    What spells to use?

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    If someone got already experience with grinding this way, you're welcome to share them with me! :P

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    Re: Qs: Grinding Spriest 70-80

    just do the quests again - you'll remember half of them already and there'll be much less people in the zone than first time round so you'll do them much more quickly.

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    Re: Qs: Grinding Spriest 70-80

    If you really want to grind mobs all day (probably using a bot) Go for the animal packs. Theres tons in every zone. Once you hit high enough level to go to Storm peaks you can farm some descent rep items worth about 4g a piece on my server.

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    Re: Qs: Grinding Spriest 70-80

    download carbonite quest addon and just do the normal quests. way faster then brain-afk mob grinding all day long.
    and also mob grinding wont give you any new items while lvling up.

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    Re: Qs: Grinding Spriest 70-80


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