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    Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    A bit ago I had all of my shards drained by a terrible H Nexus PUG, and when I went to farm them back, I had 6-8 incidents of getting 2 shards instead of one on my way to farming 25 shards.

    Is this just a case of 'Onyxia Deep Breaths more' or has this glyph finally gotten some value?

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    Just luck

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    Good warlocks never run out of shards.

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    I noticed it procs the 2shards alot more than normal after patch.. but it could just be luck.. ???

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    luck. only happened once or twiece for me
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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    This is onyxia's deep breathing more. I have not had it happen once as of yet =(.

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    It has been fixed to proc more often when your have exactly one shard less than the limit you set on your add-on that deletes extra shards.

    Happens all the time for me

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    ooooh good boy farmign soul shards for the raids, warlocks are really known for not having enough soul shards when the raid begins, I actually got alot of epic gear on my first PUG naxx 10 runs because I was really friendly and I had enough soul shards to always summon someone if they needed to. I also go soul shard farming whenever there is any downtime to raiding, but maybe thats also because I farm other stuff like relics of uludar

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    I really don't understand why they just don't jack up the proc rate to like 50%, I mean, what are they worried about? OMG locks will be SO OP with extra shard farming capabilities...

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    Re: Glyph of Drain Soul Fixed?

    Using a shard is meant to be a choice, not something you do as you like, otherwise they would have removed shard alltogether a long time ago.
    Most spells that require a shard are powerful in their own way, and being able to use them as you like would mean that some of those spells would need to
    be tuned down.

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