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    Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included

    SO in these times of op holy pallies and squishy resto druids, what is the best class to go high rating with?

    I feel like we resto druids need to to work together to bring ourselves to the level we were in tbc, the healing class everyone wants.
    That is the case now with holy pallies, they are golden atm and as such dont need to rely on resil as much as druids. Most top teams now have holy palas in them (and in fewer cases ret) and they can take pretty much any dps class with them to high ratings.

    Also what is your preferred spec at high ratings? Ill list 3 and u can comment on what u think is the best.

    1. Typical moonkin/swiftmend spec i like to use,

    2. Resto spec with Survival Instincts, actually think this one is pretty good.

    3. Feral charge "tanking" spec (possibly going down to LotP is viable if playing with melee dps) Ive seen a very high rated druid (2,3k) with this spec in wotlk and im guessing there is more than one. Think this is mostly viable if playing with unholy dk since everyone focuses on cc'ing dks while killing the partner and u can tank quite alot of hits in this spec.
    Definetly you will need a veery skilled and geared dps that can make the opponent go to defensive mode allowing the druid to heal himself up vs double dps teams.
    In any case stopping at feral charge would be the most talent points most druid would dare to put in feral tree and i think feral charge is definetly viable anyway.

    All comments should include an answer to personal taste of spec and class to go with.
    Druids ftw!

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    Re: Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included

    restoshaman/feralchargedruid/hunter imo

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    Re: Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included

    I'm not gonna lie... I just started this season 2 weeks ago.

    Previously, I played S1-S4 as a resto druid with a warrior. We were on and off how much we concentrated on it, but we got up to 1900+ several times. Often after we got weapons we kinda stopped playing for whatever reason and never seeing how high we could get.

    We started playing this season and I'm getting my ass spanked. Of course, I started pretty undergeared (as everyone did) and not ready for the mass destruction laid upon druids. I've tried restokin, I've tried half feral and half resto and now I'm on the 14/0/57 spec.

    This is primarily 2v2 talk (and surprisingly enough.. I'm doing Ret Pally/me/PROT-PVP warrior for 3v3 - lol it actually works pretty well and I can explain more if wanted..).

    Anyway, I have almost 700 resilience now and I'm still killable in about 6 seconds.. especially if I don't have my tricks (NS, NG, etc..) and I'm just conflicted on what is wrong.

    Is it me, or the class or what.. but we're struggling at the 1500 range. Of course, some of it is gear I'll admit - but it still seems like I get destroyed very quickly. DKs are the bane of my existence. I'm wearing mostly savage (I thought I would get hateful/deadly quickly but that turned into a definite no after a few matches) and hateful jewelry.

    To answer your original question... I think I like 14/0/57, I'd suggest going with a DK or Ret Pally (something that can take some hits and has some ways to slow/stop people from attacking you) while still dishing out good dps. I would also consider switching feral (hehe...) since there are so many people doing so well in that.

    Your #2 spec, I didn't like because it seemed like if I wasn't in bear form I didn't gain any benefit of going that far down. Because of the significant burst, I'd find myself in human form blowing all my healing on my warrior friend. Then, they would switch to me and I'd still be recovering, but caught in human. I'd go to bear form quickly and it would definitely help... but then I'd get behind on myself and a mage/ele shaman, etc.. could still get me down very quickly. Sure the Feral Charge, bash, survival instincts, etc... helped... but in 2v2 we fought so many 2 dps teams that stuff was just simply dying too fast. At least with the full resto build I can be in tree form and mitigate some dps and still heal, depoison, decurse and generally "tank" a dps for a bit. Now, I still have mobility, etc.. and I can die extremely fast.. but so far I prefer it.

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    Re: Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included


    You have less than 18k hp as can be read from your sig. I have 20k hp and still in trouble. Im full savage and hateful neck,ring,boots and cloak. Im considering changing spell power gems to stam and try get like 21-22k hp and see how it works.
    The idea of switching to feral pvp completly would make things easier and im definetly considering that too but that doesnt change the fact what this post is about. Its about resto druids in arena and the problem that if u dont have exp over 2,1k in previous seasons than you are pretty much fucked atm. I say that because u can obviously see a couple of druids on each server at high ratings (over 2k) but thats it.
    Feral druid is doing very well in arena. Maybe thats the only answer we can get in this season.. who knows.

    Quote Originally Posted by QQQQQQQ
    Its not you, the majority of high ranked 2's are double dps right now.
    Not true. Most high ranked 2's have a holy pally.

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    Re: Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included

    I play Warlock/Druid and my druid is always somewhere between 14/0/57 and 19/0/52 spec for pvp.

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    Re: Best partner for a resto druid/restokin? spec discussion included

    This is my first season ever playing arenas and I never played a druid pre-wrath, but I managed to get to 1950 this season as a resto druid. I was 0/34/37 spec (feral charge hybrid) playing with a badly geared rogue in 2's. Our strength mainly lay in our control and me being able to lock down a healer (feral charge, bash, cyclone, etc.). And in my survivability.

    As for what spec would be best for you it depends on which comp you like the most. If you are going to play with a class like a warlock, where your partner is focused 90% of the time, a full resto build might be good, as opposed to playing with a dk in which you will often be the main target.

    As for some good comps, surv. hunter, dk, and warlock are probably your best options imho. I can't vouch for ret pally, but theoretically that could work.

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