View Poll Results: Does Ghostcrawler know enough about priests/healing to make statements regarding either?

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  • lol, no

    22 17.60%
  • Yes, b/c as he said: Riptide and Swiftmend are leet priest spells

    30 24.00%
  • Maybe- he does compare healing to a gourmet meal.

    12 9.60%
  • I wouldn't trust GC to bandaid me

    20 16.00%
  • Ghostcrawler told me I could tank, and I do, so I believe everything he says about priests!

    41 32.80%
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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    sum nerd rage in dis thread
    all hail king frost strike

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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    I like Ghostcrawler and I think it's awesome what he's trying to do.

    Think the problem is that people demand and expect changes to happen instantly.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    But we're worried that logic might not lead to the best game.

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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Well, you fail to realise it's his job to have a overall good knowlegde.

    The other priest designer tags in very rarely, but GC just redirects the internal information.

    I wish people would stop caring about the forums. What happend to the good 'old days where nobody knew what the patchnotes said before patchday.

    Also, I've tanked just fine as priest in VoA, I really have!!
    do you honestly think he knows shit about whats actually happening in arenas?

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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    Yeah, i kinda like GC too. Even with the fact that he is utterly retarded.

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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    It's funny that the OP is making fun of GC's knowledge of priest, when the OP himself has yet to play a single arena game with his priest, and only has a few hundred HKs. If you only know your character in PvE you only know half of your character. So before you mock the guy that has a very difficult job (in dealing with a bunch of people over-analyzing his every sentence), check yourself and make sure you know what you are talking about.

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    Re: Ghostcrawler- lol what?

    I feel more inclined to trust the people at one of the mayor gaming companies in the world who think he is their best choice for his position than the 14 year old gamer-kids who scream that he's a retard (and I question how much they really know about him). His posts also give me reason to believe that he's a sensible and probably quite intelligent guy, while most of the posts against him (all of them so far) fail to give me that same impression about their authors. :

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