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    Demonic Sacrifice

    First: I am aware that having a pet alive instead of sacrificing it deals more damage, so no flaming please.

    I was looking at some different builds for fun and I wanted to try to build a specc with Demonic Sacrifice. But to get it I must spend 1 talentpoint at Soul Link and 5 talentpoints which improves the pets damage (Unholy Power). Both is completley useless to me if I sacrifice my pet.

    Yes, demonology is the tree which improves the pets damage, but the talent Demonic Sacrifice does not fit in its current place at all. I just wish Blizzard could change the tree a bit.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    my guess is the design's on purpose. Blizz doesn't want you to be able to get a skill thats as good as it is without having to pay for it in talent points. Otherwise, you may be able to spend those talent points elsewhere and make an OP spec? Just speculating as to why they did that.... I'd have to think its intentional.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    I've actually been wondering and thinking about it and been experimenting around, but since i'm not 80 yet with my lock i can't say anything about this build. Anyways upon my thoughts this is sorta the new sbolt spam build with corruption the only thing it requires is the corruption= 4% chance of instant sbolt and other sbolt glyphs. anyways enough mumbling heres the link


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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Demonic Sacrifice should be removed. Even if they don't fix the things that cause your pet to insta-die on some fights, once dual-spec comes out anyone who isn't Aff already will have it as their alt spec so they can use it if a fight is too FG unfriendly.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Blizzard's response on DS is they see it as a supplement for pets being fragile. If your pet is going die anyway at least you get a little something from DS.

    However to the rest of us does this make any sense over, say, I dunno, making pets viable and putting a decent talent in demo? Obviously not.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    demonic sacrifice??? WTF IS THAT. no such talent exists im certain of it. i lyk ma imp. i lyk ma felhunter. i lyk my felguard i lyk my voidwalker. i lyk saying lyk lyk this. why sac them? they are easy as hell to keep up.
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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Nothing to see here folks... move along.
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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Why do these people want to keep bolt spamming?

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Quote Originally Posted by Offsprngr
    Why do these people want to keep bolt spamming?

    It should at least be an option. Today, Shadow Bolt is a filler as most.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    It is an option, if you spec meta / ruin to provide the demonic pact buff to your raid (ours doesnt have an ele shaman quite often), then shadowbolt will be your main spam. On to Demonic Sacrifice however. I find that even on pet unfriendly fights that keeping an imp phase shifted tends to be better then demonic sac could ever be (at least as felguard / emberstorm, havent had to worry about it yet as meta). Now that my felguard seems to be immune to sapp's frost aura, and can even live through ninja void zones on the KT fight, demonic sac seems to be more useless then ever. It seems funny to me that they can make master conjurer a useful, albeit kind of weak talent finally, and they made one of the most useful talents completely useless. It seems counter to the new blizz design of not having talents that 0% of people get. Looks like a redesign is in order.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Personally, I use demo sac for it's versitility. For farming it's very handy since most the mobs die before the demon even get's to it. Saced felhunter for mana or VW for health on top of fel armors passive regen makes for easy grinding. Or, if you have little trouble staying full mana and health while grinding, then sac your imp or succy for the extra damage. I admit, sacing the imp is a little less benificial (if at all) since he shoots from range as well, however the other points still stand.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    True I hadnt thought of it from a grinding standpoint, however it seems a bit silly to have a talent that is only good for farming.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    Quote Originally Posted by Shwaam

    It should at least be an option. Today, Shadow Bolt is a filler as most.
    It shouldn't be an option, shadow bolt should be nothing more than a filler.

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    Re: Demonic Sacrifice

    shadowbolt is a demo lock's main nuke...assuming you're spec'd 51 points or more. incinerate is pretty useless if you don't pick up emberstorm in destro for the extra fire damage and to drop the cast time down on it to the 2.5 sec range. Otherwise it's a weaker version of SB that requires immolate on your target to do half decent damage that SB can easily outdo.

    Back to DS though...it's another to add ot the list of pointless demo talents. DS, Imp Enslave take the top, and as someone else said earlier Fel Domination/Master Summoner are pretty lackluster now (although required, still crappy). But I think Blizz is on the right track with Demo. Conjured stones are sweet now and the Demo talent to improve them is pretty nice. As a 21 point talent I think DS does need a complete overhaul now, or a complete change to another talent. For farming it's not even nice if you are actually spec'd Demo. Given the health changes to demons and our aoe abilities it's a lot better to have VW gather up a few mobs (ie 4 or 5) and seed them all to death. If you're true demo, any damage your VW takes will be healed through demonic empathy when all the seeds go off.

    Long story short, DS is a dead talent and a waste of a 21 pointer.

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