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    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    Dispersion is a funny spell, a bit like Mana Shield. It could be so much more powerful if you could cast it on enemies.
    First time i used it beta i thought "hey this is just like cyclone...only i can only cyclone myself "

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    Dispersion is design for neutrelazie the opponents burst or special attacks. In that way it make sense and it do its job. Seems clear that blizzard want to make it more then just that other wise not realy point to remove snares. What I would like to see it also increase speed by 30%.

    If not I would advice you guys to pick up engineering ( spelling ) for the speed boots.

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    Re: v3.1 Dispersion

    The thing about the only snares that we usually have to worry about (melee) are the ones that either get instantly reapplied or are just passivly applied while we are taking damage. Perhaps having improved fade make you immune to them instead of just removing a snare would be interesting.
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    Re: v3.1 Dispersion

    This wouldn't be much of a buff, but it would be interesting to see... My little idea was to give Dispersion an immolation effect that makes players close to you take damage and lose mana/rage/rpower/energy. It could also have an effect that gives allies that come close some protection, maybe a Cloak of Shadows + Evasion effect for every allied player in 10 yards. Of course these effects would be toned down from the original rogue abilities.

    This could make melees think a little bit more when attacking a shadow priest. Also it could create some interesting situations in 5v5 games when the whole team would gather on the shadow priest for a little break to breathe a little bit more lightly

    Problem with this is obviously the low duration of Dispersion, but that problem could be bypassed by making this effect a buff that you gain when you activate Dispersion. It could last like 10-30 seconds.

    Wouldn't be a huge buff, but it would really be an interesting ability to build your teams strategy around.

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