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    2 Piece setbonus bug?

    Hi there,

    I recently started leveling my alt lock again and I noticed something now that he has 3 pieces of valorous.

    The 2 piece setbonus (Demonic soul) is procing on Shadowflame aswell.
    I noticed this first a few days ago on an aoe pack, where I did shadowflame, followed by raind of fire spam.
    All of a sudden I got the Demonic Soul buff, wich is the proc from 2 piece set bonus. I first tought it might be a Rain of Fire bug.
    Next pack I only used shadowflame and did SoC spam with it. Again I got the proc...

    I think this is cuz shadowflame is similar to immolate (both can be conflragrated for backdraft) has any1 else noticed this? and has it been posted before?


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    Re: 2 Piece setbonus bug?

    Im pretty sure I've seen it go off while draining life as well.

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