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    Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    Does anyone else notice that the channel time on Rain of Fire is not reduced by Backdraft. Being a destruction spell, and affected by gear haste. shouldn't this talent reduce the channeling time?

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    Re: Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    Why would u wanna shorten the channel time.. just means u gotta hit it more.. lol imo it should last till i want it to stop ;D

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    Re: Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    More ticks faster = more dps. You would have to hit it more, but it would be nice for aoe packs.

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    Re: Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    I wanna backdraft then hellfire, that'd start scaring healers.

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    Re: Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    Yeah...backdraft has never affected chanelled spells, if you'll notice they don't even consume a charge.

    Might be interesting if they tweaked it to affect hellfire though. Might mean I'd actually cast it again. Maybe. As it is I've found only one situation where it seems to still be useful.

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    Re: Backdraft & Rain of Fire

    Heh last i used it was for the battle of undercity, cause you instantly healed any damage . But yeh would be nice if hellfire got a decent use, would be nice to see what ideas people could come up with, i mean everyone will just use RoF over it for fire aoe, because of the range and self damage. Stuff like maybe an instant circular aoe, but that'd be a blastwave copy but yeh.

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