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    Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Hello all, I'd like some feedback/suggestions on the Gothik the Harvestor fight as affliction. During phase 1 when it comes to killing the adds, what do you use to dps? I've tried shadow bolt, but typically the trainees die before I'm able to get the cast off. The adds don't build up enough to AoE them down. I've resorted to using searing pain to at least hit them once before they die. Phase 2, I've got my dotting and teleporting down, but the fight is mostly over with by that point. Anyone have suggestions for phase 1?
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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Drain life ticks every second but it's dps is low.
    Basicly there is no option other than shadow bolt, SoC or RoF.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Shadowflame and Searing Pain are good there too, and immolate.
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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    This fight has nothing to do with dps. They're small mobs that die fast, its essentially trash.

    What I'm trying to say is that high dps on this fight doesn't even help the raid, especially if you have more casters than melee, you don't want to send them over too fast. The fight is all about pacing yourself and surviving for the last phase (which we dont even get to use our rotation on really). Don't worry about the meter at all. No GM should even post dps or consider dps on this boss, its pointless, especially for an afflic lock, this is our worst fight dps-wise.

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    If you're worried about upping the meter, shadow bolt, haunt, SoC, RoF, and SF. Just gotta be careful with AoE because things pull easily when it gets hectic. Searing pain can work if you know you wont get any other casts off on a non-elite, but its dps is pretty low for afflic.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Thank you for the replies.

    Ksem, I think you read too much into my post as I didn't mean it to relate to the meters at all. We have no issues with people surviving nor do I fret over meters on that fight. I just felt that my role as a dps class was to actually dps as opposed to standing there trying to cast but never actually getting any casts off.

    I use searing pain to help kill the adds but if there was a better way, I wanted to know as opposed to just saying to myself "eh, this is good enough, at least I'm hitting them".

    Jamalock, I hadn't thought about using Immolate since I had thought about it as a dot, but I'll do a comparison on the amount it hits for versus a searing pain and I may switch to that instead.

    I'll also look at drain life and compare the ticks to my searing pain/immolate.
    Never argue with an idiot.* They will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    well, since affli locks are pretty useless in this encounter, Im just happy to let my fellow rouges/hunters/mages have their little DPS party without me. And then laugh back at them during patch, sapph etc.

    but anyways im just using SP, shadowflame and RoF whenever the mobs are gathered.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    I haven't played affliction in a while, but could you just Drain Soul on the mobs. You might get a good/lucky "Tick" here and there.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Ironicly I usually still "win the meter" on this fight, having doomguard out helps a lot and putting your demon portal on the other side helps a lot, but beware you need to put it just before you pull so have your raid leader ready check so you're not stuck on the wrong side.
    So as soon as Gothick teleports to the other side just portal yourself over (should have a little under a minute left on the portal) and continue DPS.

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    Re: Affliction dps for Gothik phase 1?

    Rain of fire is full of win here. You just gotta know when to use it (if you are on live side you dont want to kill them too fast; at certain times.).

    and seed of corruption will most likely kill you.

    Granted this fight isnt that suitable for an afflic lock, but you'll have to face it that all fights can't be great for you (i.e. Heigan and Patchwerk)

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