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    Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Ok, Naxx25, we clear it everyweek in under 3 hours no problems.

    Last week however... For some unknown reason we were doing Gothik The Harvester and during Phase 1 about a minute in the MT on the undead side dies for who knows what reason, anyway, that whole side ends up wiping and the gates open. Now we have leet dps and healers so on the living side we only Had me (Rogue), another Rogue, a Druid Tank and a Pally Healer. So 21/25 people have wiped and we have so many mobs coming at us.

    Anyway, we manage to pull through the whole of phase 1 with us 4 still alive (Thank the leet pally heals). Gothik comes down and does his debuff thingo while still porting every few seconds. Luckily for us everytime he ported he shot his shit at me so the Pally healer figured out he just had to spam a major heal on me everytime he ported. our stat became reduced by 90%, we all had no health at all basically or dps. But managed to get him down and finish him off with us 4 alive still.

    Best kill I've ever been associated with, and was a great job from our Pally healer to keep us up the whole time. Anyway that's my story, what's yours...?
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I remember my first nefarian kill, the endless wiping. The Divine Interventon exploits. They joy when he died!

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Doing Watch Him Die after the kiting bug was fixed. After 15+ tries, the second i saw his dying animation begin, a huge grin lit up my face. The three adds proceeded to beat the shit out of me.
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    From WoTLK content funnies was Razuvious without priests, hardes Sart10+3 I think.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Anub'rekhan old 40 man days getting him to 10% the MT getting a impale and nubbey evade bugging back to 90% health then still killing him.

    And then again on nubby the week later MT getting chain disconnects but logging back on intime to do the kite round the edge so we still managed to get the kill, that guy could offline tank better than most people i know can tank at full skill

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    4 consecutive days of wipe on nefarian, then finally getting him down, The Channel spam was endless ( we didnt use voice com )
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Nefarian had the most epic feel to it for me.. and the Twin Emperors in AQ40, man, that was badass

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I still remember our first Onyxia kill.
    Everybody was dead except the MT and a hunter.
    A priest release his spirit to come back from graveyard but the trash had respawned.

    The MT used his Goblin Jumper Cables XL and he succeeded to rez another priest
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Vaelestrasz First Kill:
    38/40 people were dead, only one hunter and one warlock survived. They died together in one flame breath, but Vaelestrasz also died. They are still sometimes arguing who landed the killing blow (Whether it was Arcane Shot or CoA Tick)

    Magtheridon First Kill:
    One of our Clickers was dead and it wasn't announced early enough. 24/25 people died due to Magtheridon's Nova, only our Main Tank survived and killed him in about 20 seconds alone.

    Illidan First Kill:
    Nothing special about this, People were getting really nervous when he got to about 10% and forgot to run out of the camp when they had parasites. We were getting overwhelmed by parasites then, only one paladin with bubble survived his death speech.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Nefarian i think back in the old days, the whole raid throwing the farmed strathome holy water at the spawning skellies and they die in seconds. Was our last raid pre Christmas and pre TBC (ye we were a late start then) and the bitch finally died. 40 ppl screaming on vent. Epic. Couldnt have been better.

    TBC 1st kills of Lady Vashj and Archimonde felt pretty good too but the above is still my number one. Didnt make it into sunwell sadly. Hope for more challenges in Ulduar, the recent announcements make me interested...

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Definately M'uru pre-nerf.
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Trolgar
    Doing Watch Him Die after the kiting bug was fixed. After 15+ tries, the second i saw his dying animation begin, a huge grin lit up my face. The three adds proceeded to beat the shit out of me.
    I had more or less the same thing :P Just nuked like hell and I saw my party start to drop 2 LoA+guardian sprit and we got him! Other might be first time we managed in Ocu with 5 amber, went perfectally and down really fast, was nice
    Most anoying was probably either Maly 0% wipe (yea 0% he was 1 hit from death) on one of our early trys or the time we were doing Watch him die, got him to 3% and for no reason at all (all the party was standing togeather no one moved or anything) he reset. That was anoying..

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Most epic had to be when downing Chtun for the first time after 2 weeks of consecutive wipes

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    This will be kills not kill, but as long as I am thinking about vanilla wow I cant help myself

    Firemaw - tanks dies (including me), most of healers dies, I am getting battleressed, his aura is killing everyone, I am taunting just to realize last healer just died, he is on 1%, my shield wall expired and I have still some health so I am switching to battle stance and executing, miss, parry, I am death but my last executed killed him. Joy on vent and raid chat was incredible. Bad thing was that we had to run through suppresion room again because we had no ress :P

    Cthun - We were trying him for really long time (like few months) and still couldnt down him. Many people quit raiding, then we got him to 1% when weakened phase ended and we wiped. That was another hit into raiding core and some more people quitted raiding. We were still trying and somehow managed to kill him in the end. It was most valuable kill in whole wow for me. And we killed him only once

    Sartharion 10 man few weeks ago, half of raid was on alts and we had only 2 healers and 2 tanks so we decided to go with only one drake (not Tenebron but one with immunity). People were tired and 3 dps died just after pull somehow we dont want to wipe (again... I know its shame :P) so we are not giving it up, long short story whole kill took 11 minutes and it was one of best Sartharion kills. I had finally a lot of fun and It wasnt boring stay here and dps from 100 to 1 but I had to help with adds and so

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Think it has to be Brutallus pre-nerf, it was as far as we got in Sunwell before 3.0 came out but we had such a great feeling when the guy finally died after weeks of wiping and heavy consumable use (haste potions, demonslaying elixirs). A very well tuned fight

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    naxx 25 pug, someone ninja pulled instructor and about 5 of us died... we managed to one shot him with one spriest and one holy priest for mind controlling

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    generally ragnaros as it was such a beautifull encounter

    personally: i got guildtittle felmystslayer
    at first we didnt have sufficient dps so she enraged in the air so when she landed tank pops shieldwall and full out nuke
    but nova came in i was just in time to pop bubble judgement holy shock and HoW eventually killed it as only survivor

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    The by far best kills are those what come unpredictable.

    If you tank the "hard" encounters like old 4 Horseman oder CThun - you wiped or you knew "This bitch is going down now".

    But take encounters like Muru where everything could happen even at 1% - this were epic nerd screms.

    I vote for Muru either, can't even count how many times we died there.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    My first 25man Malygos. We literally one shotted him. No one died, was a clean clear from 100-0.

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