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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavindathar
    Definately M'uru pre-nerf.
    what he said without a doubt

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    M'uru pre-nerf, only the main tank left alive and m'uru kills himself by hitting the main tank and receiving damage from a shield spike
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Twin Emperors.
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    SSC pre nerf got a new MT and pwned 3 bosses which we never killed before, feelt so god damn good

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I'd have to say Rag. Every other kill has been a bit of a let down. Nothing to me has been as exciting as downing the main boss in the first real raid instance.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    gruul pre nerfs, holy priest last man standing after too many grows. uses his wand to kill him.

    we did a repeat on vr after a min of enrage.

    also a malygos 10, with noone standing, dot ticked him dead after he fired and before he hit the last player.
    and it was more epic because the try before he hit the player first before the dot would have killed him.

    that was so far my only YEH! moment in wotlk

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I would have to say Rag as well. I was boomchicken on my druid at the time.

    We had got all the flames down and he had resurfaced. The melee were all dead, most of the casters were dead, with only me, a mage, a priest, and the tank left. I got knocked into the lava on the far side (where the rock cliff is steep) and couldn't get out so right before I died I threw an innervate on the oom mage (i know, but he was the only one in range) and he got one last spell off to finish Rag. It was our first kill and a truely epic night.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    The best kill for me has to be the first Azuregos kill and also the first raid kill that occured on Draenor EU back in the days.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I would say either Twin Emps or C'Thun. On the emps one of our rogues almost wiped the raid by sprinting over and standing too close to the emp when they teleported, killed all of our melee. Still managed to kill him just before the enrage.

    C'Thun was my guilds first new boss that we killed after we transferred to servers to avoid lag. it was nice to see that our $25 were worth it. Death's Sting and Scepter of False Prophet dropped. then our old server got its hardware upgraded like 2 weeks later and there weren't lag issues there anymore.

    it is kinda interesting that nobody has mentioned any lvl 60 naxx kills. was that instance really run by that few people? i only killed instructor and spider wing back then, those fights weren't entirely interesting.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    1) C'thun first kill Nothing has ever beaten that feeling
    2) Nefarian first kill
    3) Kil'jaeden
    4) Muru
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    plz dont think im a noob now...

    but my best kill ever have to have been my first attempt on Netherspite!

    after 2-3hours of reading tacs and watching movies to finally be able to get the point in the fight, we finally managed to engage him.. wiped first time cus tank didnt got dancing at first..

    then 2nd try went pretty smoothly suddenly im OOM and he goes crazy as i cant grab red beam, pop pot battle rez other tank, bearform taunt and with 3 dpsers and only 1 holy priest left we managed to get the kill!

    best kill EVER! ;D
    still the best holy priest ive ever known =)
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    • [li]If the healer dies, its the tanks fault.[/li]
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavindathar
    Definately M'uru pre-nerf.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I'd say the lvl 10 Murlocs in Elwynn forest.

    No mob has killed me more times ???

    " WTF did it just heal itself, net me and run for back-up? " *sigh* dead again >

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavindathar
    Definately M'uru pre-nerf.
    thats the best for sure.. soo many raid hours behind.. wiping at low % but then killing him eventually.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    1) Chromaggus
    2) C'Thun

    Chromaggus as first just because I had my best raiding night ever that ended on him.
    We were pretty upset about our progress performance, we were like mid 10-15 positions on the server, neither WoWJutsu or WoWProgress existed, so we had the "Progress Topic" On wow forums.

    That night, we oneshotted without never ever trying them before, the Dragon-Trio, Firemaw/Ebonroc/Flamegor.
    We arrived at Chromaggus room at 00:20 and we were about to stop, then we agreed "mkay, just 1 try to see how it goes"...10 minutes of tactics and we oneshotted him too.
    Considering it was the boss all the top 10 guilds were still struggling at it, it was the best moment so far

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I'd say Onyxia and ragnaros, simply because they were my first and the excitement in ventrilo was overwhelming

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Not mine, but has anyone seen the clip of a guild killing M'uru pre nerf?

    When he becomes Entropius, the whole raid dies from the heavy shadow damage spread around the room. The MT pops last stand and shield wall, uses a health pot and a healthstone and kills the boss with a ~150 (Glancing) hit.

    So epic. ;D

    Can anyone help me find this video? Can't seem to find it. :-X

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).


    We wiped on him for several weeks (phase 1), mainly because people were quitting, going inactive or simply not showing up - it was very, very frustraiting...Then there was this one day - we got into the instance on a sunday, only nefarian was still standing. We managed to find 38 people for the raid and started. Suddenly everything worked on phase1 and we got im to come down without many losses (for the first time). There were just a few of us who knew the tactics (class calls, 20%-aoeing) but we managed to kill him in this try and everybody on TeamSpeak went fucking nuts - this was the greatest experience I've ever had in WoW and it won't be topped - no one cared about loot or our guild-problems, we were happy...

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Perudo
    The best kill for me has to be the first Azuregos kill and also the first raid kill that occured on Draenor EU back in the days.
    I totally forgot about our first Azuregos kill. Started at 10 in the morning with us pulling him then a horde raid showed up to wipe us. They go we wipe them. More guilds show up to try and it turned into a giant pvp fest. I had to leave for work at 2 pm and get back at midnight, just in time to join the raid and get the kill. Most of my guild had been there fighting for 14 hours for our right to kill him.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Well it was certainly not our best kill of anything but it was definitly one of the most memorable. We had just recently made the move from MC to BWL and were up to working on Firemaw, but each week was always hit or miss on if we would beat Vael in one night or just come back and try our luck another night. So our first attempt on him for that night 1% wipe. Our very next try 1% and he starts the wipe process, but luckily I was able to throw up my bubble consecrate and start spamming HoW at him. Then when my bubble expires I fall dead to instantly be followed by Vael dieing. For that I got a good bit of popularity in a guild I was fairly new to.

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