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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    The first time our guild ran Naxx 10-man, none of us knew the Heigan fight beyond what we had read, except for one person who had done it on 25-man with the corner trick. Well, that didn't work out, and after 2-3 wipes trying that we decided to do the dance.

    Even before the first teleport most of the raid was dead, and after the first round of dancing we had 4 of 10 left up (holy pally - me, resto shaman, ret pally, prot pally ... I don't think Heigan can kill a pally). We continued so the others could see how the rotation works to learn it, and before we knew it we had spent 24 minutes on him and 4-manned him down. A hunter in the raid got up, made a sandwich, came back and ate it, all while lying dead on the floor as we killed Heigan. At one point we were unsure of an enrage timer, so we had someone who was dead go look it up online ... after all, we had plenty of time.

    It was epic, and actually a bit easier because we used the bodies on the floor as a guide for where to stop during each wave . I've heard he can be 2-manned with a healer and good dps tank.

    Then a few weeks later, we started to do the same thing on Sapph (4/10 left), but decided to wipe it after about 12 minutes, since he wasn't going down as fast. That time it was same holy pally, same prot pally, DK and resto druid.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    after weeks of terribad wiping on kealthas pre nerf, we finally got our first kill and it was even flawless without any druid rezzes or soulstone-uses. that was real nice and i guess its even the most epic moment for me in pve.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    -Best kill cause of weeks of wipes: Alar
    -Best kill cause or crazy shit: me(rogue) and a warlock 2-manned the last 15% of Illhoof. I died as Illhoof died. The lock is cheering and dancing acting all cool, as Illhoof's imp run's over and 1-shots him. I LOL'd
    -Best kill cause of smooth fight: Maly10, had 3 pugs, 1 shotted him in under 7min without trying for any achieves.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Oh, I also remember Azgalor pre-nerf.

    The whole raid died due to the explosions. Left stood a Warrior tank, Warrior DPS, a Rogue and one Restoration Druid.
    The Druid, of course, used innervate and had awesome mana regeneration, thus didn't take any explosions. They killed the boss from 40-50%...

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Naxx 10, on sapph. MT died due 2 random lag spike. Our OT had put on dps gear for the fight since he figured he wouldnt need top tank at all. Well after the MT went down our raid leader and a few others start to yell on vent "S.O.B!".

    All that happened in like 1.5 sec when the tank died. I instantly pulled aggro on the boss, threw up frost pres and prayed to the WoW gods I dont die. From about 55% - dead I tanked that bitch in dps gear and spec. Threw the fight 1 healer, 2 dps, and the MT died. Gogo leet DK dps tank.

    Also, on my hunter, numerous times in pugs and such, I had to pet tank things, or kite crap after everyone else has died.
    Best had to be when I pet tanked a full heroic seth halls run. Or chain trapping 2 mobs at once in H UB when everyelse had died, then killing one and keeping the last guy trapped until everyone ran back.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    has to be kaelthas pre nerf.
    x raidevenings of wiping. new day new luck...
    part 1 as usual without any problems. part 2, for the first time, we killed all weapons before the adds got infight again. right there, you could feel the the magic. i and everyone else knew this is it, now or never. part 3 was smoothly because we managed to kill all the weapons in p2 in time.

    then, the switch from p3 to p4, kael lands, mt immediatly runs towards him, dies instantly. the healers werent ready yet... for a second, everyone was in shock. hell no this didnt just happen.
    in that single second where everyone was in shock, an offtank who wasnt on tanking duty got his shield out, runned trough the whole raid, and startet tanking (that was just wow, immediate response). we finally killed him, with a single dead, the mt everyone was just freaking out in teamspeak. what a encounter!

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    kael'thas has to be for me as well(pre nerf ofc) , i didnt play before TBC, so never experienced raiding at lvl 60 although from what i've read everywhere it was the best there ever was , but after weeks of learning that fight we finnaly got him , best fight in the game , unfortunatly only got to see Twins before 3.0 lolpatch nerf .

    Also enjoyed Kalecgos and Vashj, really awsome fights as well.
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Kil'jaeden pre-3.0.2

    3 minutes of vent nerdscreams.

    Was a wonderful moment, adrenaline so high I couldn't sleep that night.

    Oh how I miss you, Sunwell.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    40man Naxx 4 Horsemen....true epic fight...too bad we didn't get to down KT though.

    Vent was going YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEHEH, speakers almost blew up.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Its a really tough choice, and i cant name one single boss.

    Vanilla: KT simply because we got him down 3 days before BC went live and therefore managed to beat Naxx40 just in time. It was just an awesome feeling. The fight itself was probally not the best(C'thun and 4H was better) but it was a great feeling that we managed to reach our goal so close to the expansion.

    BC: KJ because we got him down the week before the big nerf patch went live.(3.0) The fight is just soo intense and unforgiving. It just challenges you in so many way.(Kael could be another good choice for best kill.)

    WotlK: Sarth10 man with 3 drakes. Awesome fight that is super tough. Really really intense. Especially after they fixed twilight torment, nerfed healing abit aswell as mana reg.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    vanilla - twin emps. I was healing as a priest back then. Unbalancing Strike was OP and made me QQ.

    WotLk - 3d. That first kill is hectic.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Can't describe the feeling when Nefarian went down the 1st time before AQ was even opened. 1st onyxia and ragnaros in early vanilla were too extremely epic kills, insane preparations of consumables, tons of wipes and the very phat epix that the bosses did drop when epic was epic. As greates kills i think its a hard choise between C'thun and 4 horseman (vanilla) but on those bosses raiding was allready something you had done for long unlike on the very first raid bosses ingame, wich made those "easy" bosses so great to kill especially since WoW was my 1st MMO.

    Wotlk and TBC (expect M'uru) has not yet offered to me that insane feeling what comes on the very last 10% of a boss 1st kill when you just cant think anything else than NUKE! ;D

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Best after days of Wipes - Vashj. The teamwork needed for that to go right is nuts. Kiters must be perfect, Cores must be passed efficiently, and the last one must be timed right (no striders etc). Then the bat phase, with frantic vent screams of "MOVE HER, MOVE HER! YOU'RE IN GREEN!"

    Best 'Skin of the Teeth' kill - Brutallus, the day before the nerf.

    Best WoTLK Kill - 3D. Nothing else is a challenge really.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I think I can only really narrow it down to 2. Vashj and Kael, pre-nerfs. Still to me, hands down the funnest fights and extremely well tuned back in the day.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Nothing extra, but killing archimonde after i heard " THIS WORLD WILL BURN!" like thousand times.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Kil'Jaeden on 12 november 2008 ;D

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Caronwyn
    Oh, I also remember Azgalor pre-nerf.

    The whole raid died due to the explosions. Left stood a Warrior tank, Warrior DPS, a Rogue and one Restoration Druid.
    The Druid, of course, used innervate and had awesome mana regeneration, thus didn't take any explosions. They killed the boss from 40-50%...
    I remember our first kazrogal Pull/kill. The entire raid (except 1 rogue) wiped and the rogue had backed off to throw stuff at him (for the sake of getting loot) while the NPC's finished off his last 15% :

    Also, long after farming illidan. We wiped on 5k HP on illidan and then Maeiv finished him off. since we all died, we got no loot
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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    1. First boss I ever killed in a raid: Moroes (I released after dying on Attumen coz I had 6k life and got charged.)
    2. Sartharion 3d for the first time, almost blew out my speakers with just one massive, wordless yell from 25 people over vent.
    3. Undying kill of Kel'Thuzad on ten-man. Not so much celebration as the final release of the pressure to not die.

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    I find Prince in Karazhan quite epic, love the voice acting.

    But the Vasj kill is clearly #1

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    Re: Best kill you've had (PVE).

    Nightbane pre-nerf. Kept wiping constantly on him, then on our final try we manage to get him to 3% when I (rogue) get cleaved, our mage overaggros so Nightbane burns all the ranged. Tank is left, and manages to solo him. It looked hilarious, big Nightbane against our small Gnome MT

    Pre-nerf Mag WITHOUT Warlocks o.O. We had 5-6 Hunters instead. Was a amazing feeling when he dropped, about 10-12 people left at that point.

    TK and SSC also takes it. Almost all bosses in there were perfect. Kael and Vashj were just epic.

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