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    Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    So a lil more than a week ago i sat down infront of my computer, logged on WoW and was just about to log on my Deathknight...

    But it really didn't look interresting anymore, it has good gear (4/5 t7.5 etc) i faceroll mages and TG warriors on the Meters in Raids, but still i couldn't make myself log on it...

    My hand kinda forced my cursor to the "Create new LoL lvl 1 crappy char" button, and while in there i kinda created a lock... I guess it was a memory of my old lock (Which i deleted in anger!) (yeh i'm stupid) anyway... it was my main in TBC and i had great success in arena in s2+s3 i had 5/5 vengeful etc etc all the nice gear (Obtained with SL/SL spec i must add) but i allways enjoyed Destruction, even though i never made it past 18XX rating with that spec, but damn it was entertaining to play.

    So i created the lil lock, and got it the leveling staff and shoulders "pimped with 30sp and 30stam enchants you know" so i reach lvl 10, and im just about to put my first talent point in Affliction, and again a retarded thought pops up in my head, "I wanna lvl as destruction" "Yeh >.< i should shoot myself"

    So basicly i just went from and OPknight the class everybody rolls plays and hates, to the most broken class in WoW (In PvP atleast) but with a hope that i can re achieve some of my Glory, or to hell with my glory, just make the skilled Warlock feared again.

    So now i'm lvl 51 i'm still destruction "never respeced" AND I LOVE IT sitting at 200 SP 15% crit +5 from destruction talent, and i faceroll everybody in world PvP, and mobs die by looking at me.

    This is my story which, basicly shows that i love locks, and that i'm retarded enought to roll one...

    So are there anyone else out there who felt that they had to go back to their WoW roots and revive an old main!? Share your stories!!!

    And watch out for me on "Outland" will be 80 soon and breaking 2k in 2v2 as Destruction just to prove that Warlocks are not dead!!

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    I stopped playing WoW in about March 2008, which was starting the decline of TBC as people started getting pumped for the new content in Wrath. I had been playing a Shadowpriest in raids, and was kicking butt and taking names. We were the 2nd most progressed horde guild on the server (3rd most progressed guild overall) and then one week while I was really sick and away from the comp the guild had some serious drama and disbanded. I kept playing for about another month, pvp-ing with some friends and whatnot before I finally decided its not worth it anymore, and cancelled my account.

    Since then, I have moved across the country to a new job and a bunch of people where I work played WoW and had their own guild, but alliance side (so no transfers). They said I could be whatever class I wanted, but they could really use a warlock (hint hint). Seeing as I had never played a warlock past level 20 before, I went for it, and had fun as I powered him up to level 70. Then once Wrath came out I rerolled a DK tank simply because I've healed, I've dps'd, but I'd never tanked.

    I still love my DK tank, and he's my main. But recently... I've had some stirrings... and I have started leveling a priest on my alliance server. I really miss the class, even though I know the mechanics have changed significantly (we're not aggro capped anymore? and we can actually do dps? woo!). I'm not sure whether that one day's silly stirrings will ever come to fruition (its a lonnggg way to 80), but my priest is level 29 now, and named after my original priest. I've started leveling my warlock up from 70 to 80 as well (level 75 now), figuring I may as well take advantage of the rest exp. I guess I just really enjoy dps-ing as a caster, and I'm looking forward to more raiding experiences and fun times

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    I levelled a DK as my main right when Wrath hit. I'm geared about as much as I can be in current content. So I'm kinda bored.

    Recently, a friend quit palying and asked if I wanted to play his account just to mess around. I said sure and got the info. A week later I logged onto it to find his lvl 70 Warlock. I started levelling and noticed how much more fun I was having. Now I just started raiding 2 days ago, getting carried through 10 man Naxx and Maly right away. I'm having so much fun. I'm not even doing that bad on DPS. Wearing t6 gear and 3 pieces of gear I got in naxx 10 man. I was at 2.2k on the Malygos fight before getting spark buff.

    I just gotta find the courage to tell my guild leader I wanna switch my main to the lock.....

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    You could prolly petition a GM to get your lock back.

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    Well im leveling a warlock to try and show everyone that warlocks can be competetive on dps even as deep demon spec.
    Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    I would love to pick up my 70 warlock (my TBC main) again, but I spent so much time and gold on tailoring/enchanting on this character (still not maxed...) that I can't bring myself to level it...
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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    Oi, Yeah I had the same thing When wow got released I got all hyped up about hunters (yes yes, And after just watching LoTr kkdoh) I rerolled a Nelf hunter, And no not named legoblalblabla.. when I finally reached level 2X I died so many times that I rerolled paladin :O

    After few months of doing who-knows-what I managed to hit 60 !
    I got into a guild (I still dont know how) and I started raiding MC.. first 2-3 raids I was all about OOOEH AAAAHH-ing every new mob we encountered, yes even trash looked epic.
    The 4the or 5the raid I started to realise that 40 man raids where not my thing especially not with the 5 man buffs, So during my buffing-on-bossfight piriod I started to dream, Dream about all the cool things I could do as a warlock !

    So the next day I started leveling one on a friends realm lalalal another few months and miraculusly I dingd 60 ! Quited WoW came back at the start of TBC.. Tryd leveling my warlock but he was so godawfull ugly..

    So back I went to my paladin.. but because I hated dorfs I made a humen on another realm.. leveled to 70 pretty quickly pwned in arena s1 s2 almost s3 Gladiator.. blalalla warlocks start pwning me to hard to I went back to my fugly lock

    leveled it to 70 went to do pve a bit pvp quited WoW again
    Came back started leveling a druid of the intentions of going balence..
    He dingd 70 just before WoTlk, I leveled her to 80 and still playing. As balence that is.

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    Re: Rolling a Warlock (Because of Nostalgia) Yes i'm crazy! what about you??

    I just started a 2nd Warlock on Alliance for the sake of it, I know the class inside out but I have recently an urge to switch from Horde to Alliance. I'm only level 6 right now but I'm just gonna work on my professions to my Druid gets to 80 and I can send her some of the enchanted BtA items.

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