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    Mini Map

    Im looking for an addon ive seen before. It makes your mini map look exactly the same. Nothing changed but it is in a square shape instead of a circle. Any help is awesome!


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    Re: Mini Map

    simple minimap is one, there are others. search curse and they will be there.

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    Re: Mini Map

    Squeenix i think it is!
    Ok im new to hotkeying so im most likely doing something wrong.

    I can hotkey alt to anything but the function keys. I can do alt+f1, f2, f3 but when i get to f4 it crashes my game EVERY TIME! Its annoying because I have to reset all my hotkeys cuz a game crash doesnt save them. Please fix soon!

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    Re: Mini Map

    Here's a list of Minimap Addons that can do square minimaps:


    And that's just off the top of my head. I personally use SimpleMiniMap. :-)
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