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    Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    I would like to see Vamp Touch/Embrace combined, similar to Siphon Life from the warlock tree. You should still need to spec into both and with the nerf to party/raid healing from VE it wouldn't be too OP, just save a GCD.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace


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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    No, VE is situational, some fights its great, others all it does is give you excessive global threat therefore pulling adds to you. Both spells are fine (in this aspect) as they are.

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    The reason I didn't include the threat aspect in the discussion was at the beginning of a fight, everyone should be topped off and overhealing is zero threat. However, I am assuming that adds spawned during the fight will be picked up by tanks, but that assumption goes for threat caused by ALL healers and dps in my opinion.

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    Improved VE is win on Sartharion with 3 drakes, because it , combined with Devouring Plague and Judgement of Light, allows you to completely ignore the damage from the Twilight Torment debuff when the 3rd drake lands.

    So yes, I think it's better use of points than Shadow Affinity.

    Also there is never a threat issue for shadowpriests. Look at your threat meter and watch warriors and mages having trouble while you're unlikely to even show up on it.

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    I agree that this change would be pretty useful in PVP however the threat generation in multiple mob packs and threat-sensitive encounters would probably be a little much... who remembers the frustration of being threat-capped on bloodboil? Building additional healing threat wouldn't have made that encounter any more fun. This change would probably make dumping points in Shadow Affinity more of a requirement and less of a joke.

    At the end of the day I would say keep everything as is. If one GCD every minute is going to make or break you in an encounter then don't put VE up and blame the healers if someone dies

    EDIT There probably is never going to be a situation where EVERYONE is topped off - VE is going to generate global threat. period. The fact that we have the option to "remove" it (not put it up) is a good thing

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    I think you just pointed out a big problem with VE. It is not useable in situations when it would actually help (ie. when the raid is taking a lot of AoE damage).

    Maybe if they made the healing aggro add to the persons own threat, like how Blood Aura works.
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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    Quote Originally Posted by imnothammer
    EDIT There probably is never going to be a situation where EVERYONE is topped off - VE is going to generate global threat. period. The fact that we have the option to "remove" it (not put it up) is a good thing
    Thats funny because I can't think of a starting boss encounter where everyone WOULDN'T be topped off. :P ALL effective heals generate global threat... a 12k heal from a healer is more threat than 100 heal to 25 (or 10) people.

    I disagree with VE being "situational" too. I can't think of a current boss encounter where i would be like "Oh crap, I don't want to put VE up." Im confused with all the threat posts. I don't have shadow affinity, do about 4k dps and I have never even been close to top threat with VE up on Saph. Are people thinking of TBC spriests (like on bloodboil)? cause VE raid healing got nerfed...

    I like the current situation too. A GCD every minute isn't a big deal. With mana cost removed, raid healing cut, and it not procing shadow weaving, It just seems like it would be the next step.

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    Re: Shadow - Vamp Touch/Embrace

    I agree, current situation of VE is fine. I wouldn't even mind if they removed the whole party component and let us heal ourselves for 30% of the damage we do.

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