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    spread things out?

    My beef here is that 90% of non-demo locks rely on shadow damage to get things done.

    so, imo, we should either make holy and unholy spells/resistance, and add UA, and demon abilities to the unholy group.

    idk, I just think getting locked out sucks, I can deal with it, but meh.

    PS notice all the other class balancing stuff I added there.
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    Re: spread things out?

    Either that or make Demonic spells their own school, so summons and port etc can still be used after inevitably being locked out of shadow spells.

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    Re: spread things out?

    What difference would it make if we cast spells from 2 schools or 5. If you get locked out of Shadow, then cast fire spells, you have 3 that would still do damage.

    Being locked out of demon spells when you get a a shadow spell interrupted sucks but demon spells are shadow spells, not unholy. Unholy spells would be things like raising the dead and what would generally be associated with a necro. In a traditional RPG at least.

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