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    help for dps

    i need help on my dps i am doing 5k on patchwerk and 6k with doomguard i have flask, food, etc

    but i see people getting to 7k or more i have try all and i cant get more than 6k i have good gear can i

    have some help? please post the wws to see how you are doing

    my armory

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    Re: help for dps

    well tbf 5k dps without using the doomguard is fine for this content currently

    I got 5992 dps without using doomguard on patchwerk

    I think its down to making sure you dont clip your dots and totally making sure you drain soul at 25% but still renewing you dots

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    Re: help for dps

    cual es tu rotacion de affliction

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    Re: help for dps

    rotation sb-haunt-ua-immo-corr-coa-spl- sb filler renew haunt and dots when are done

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    Re: help for dps

    I think it's more a gear issue at this point.

    As far as I see it you miss better trinkets, weapon and some enchants.
    What I also see people with 7k dps use are flame caps and potion of speed, of course they also have a raid with boomkin, ret pally, ele shaman etc.

    Still, 6k is still really really decent for your gear.

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    Re: help for dps

    6k is very decent indeed.

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    Re: help for dps

    yes i know i need better weapon and trinkets but i have

    bad luck with the drop =( and yes i have ele shaman

    bommkin and all the raid buffs

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