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    Malygos DPS Question

    Hello, first time poster here. I searched and searched for a thread on this but didn't find one so if there is one already plz forgive me for being a nubcake.

    Last night my guild was attempting 6 min Malygos for the first time. A few days ago on Patchwerk I did 4.1k dps, and out other shadow priest did like 4.08, so extremely close. The other spriest outgears me by a mile.

    But last night on Maly, she was doing 4.5k approx. dps, while I was down at a crappy 3.5k ish. My problem seems to be phase 2.

    So my request is for some tips on how to keep my dps up in phase 2. I tried tab dotting + some mind flays, mind blasts when possible. But then I'd randomly get aggro and die? And can I even get aggro during this? Idk. So that didn't help either.

    What should I prirotize in Phase 2?
    How do I keep my dps up on moving targets, while I am moving myself?

    Thanks for any advice.
    Pew Pew and hope for the best.

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question

    If you pull aggro in P2, you're doing it wrong. So , I assume 25man Malygos since you had two priests.

    3 targets on the ground, 8 or something in the air.

    After you got yourself into the first shield, start dotting up the flying ones.
    Vampiric Touch, and SW:P. Don't waste time using Mind Flay on them.

    After 15-20 seconds when your tanks got aggro, help kill the ground mobs, and DoT up the flying ones as they pass by. Refresh VT first as a priority, it deals most damage (and got a cast time).

    Help your guild by dispelling the buff on the ground mobs if your mages are gimps who fail at spellstealing.

    Also, you can't trust damage meters at all after Phase 3, so unless you looked at it in P2, it's no good.

    How do I keep my dps up on moving targets, while I am moving myself?
    VT while standing still, SW:P while moving.

    You got enough mana, so assist the healers and shield yourself all the time duing Phase 2, to avoid dying.

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question


    Pew Pew and hope for the best.

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question

    Yup what Nezoia said. DoT up all the Scions as much as possible. VT SWP DP(if cooldown). Vamp embrace is fun. You can get it on a couple of them. You should be able to DoT up a handful of them or something. Lords are probably still alive so make sure, before they die, to use your shadowfiend on them taking you back to full mana. Keep DoTing the scions up. After a few die you will find yourself out of range of them sometimes. Just normal dps the ones close by. If your mana is low at any time during this you still have dispersion.

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the help! Including my drake dps, I hit 6.8k and was 2nd in WWS for the overall fight.

    I know 6.8k is only because of the sparks and because of my drake dps, but its a huge increase from when I asked this question!

    Also, my raid leader found an addon called MalygosCP that helps monitor your stacks, energy, and time left before you lose your stacks. I moved up from like 15th place in drake dmg to 3rd.

    We got our6 min kill last night finally! (25 man)

    Pew Pew and hope for the best.

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question

    Im usually on around the 4-4.5k mark.

    phase 2 I double dot everyone I see. then if I can't see them I'll dps normally the marked one so the melee can actually do something hehe.

    Commonly I'll finish in the top 3 dps if not number 1 on malygos

    we hit 6 mins exactly this week lol and no achievement

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    Re: Malygos DPS Question

    m8 if your use recount u can uncheck "merge pets with owners" in the setting so u can check your dps on and off of the drake.

    gz on the achi btw
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