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    Spec for leveling.

    Hello there.
    I have a lvl 50 priest and I was wondering what spec was best to level with.
    regards, hellburn

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    Shadow will defenatly be the fastest:

    This is propably the best spec in my opinion to start off: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=bZZG0fVofzcVqsz

    and rotation should be, vampiric touch > sw ( with the occasional Devouring plague) > mindflay > mindblast

    Run backwards when casting sw

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    isnt it a waste of mana keeping all those dots up while leveling (unless you are tapping multiple mobs)?

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    mobs will die farely fast, so stack spirit and spirittap will nulify your spended mana.

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    Shadow is the easiest way to level because of damage output. I have a guildie that leveled to 10 to 80 in the holy tree. Took a long time, but he is one hell of a healer.

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    1-60 pure shadow
    60-70 smite spec
    70-80 raid holy

    This isn't a suggestion, it's what I did. I'm not saying it's the best way, but, when you've been healing for 2.5 years, and you understand the way a healing spec'd priest should dps, you can be quite effective.

    I can't speak on shadow, because I haven't touched it since I hit 60 and started raiding, but I do know that my mage is squishy as all hell and dies if I'm not very careful (this is partially my own fault, since I'm not used to playing a glass cannon and expect to be able to burst something to death and yet not get two shot).

    My friend is leveling a priest now and both I and our guildie shadow priest told him: "Shadow is the fastest."
    He hated shadow, so I offered him a smite spec. He added Spirit Tap to it and generally loves the spec.

    To be quite honest, I found that leveling the way I did to 80 (my 70 CoH build, plus points in DPS talents as I leveled) wasn't really that much slower than shadow spec would have been. I had little to no downtime; I solo'd about half of the group quests and was able to duo the rest of them; and I had a lot of different ways to kill things--which I really like since I'm so easily bored with repetition. ((My favorite is definitely the SWP 6-10 mobs and holy nova them to death which sounds completely ridiculous but with good CD management was really effective. Then there's the traditional HF/DP/SWP/wand method. Or there's the HF/nSmite/SWD))

    The point in all this? Try shadow. If you don't like it, try something else. Find a spec that feels good to you. My friend is doing some funky 37/27/7 thing. I did 14/57/0. I personally know priests who leveled in almost any spec you can think of (albeit something pointless and retarded) the broad categories including shadow, disc, holy, smite. Preference is key! ^_^

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    Discipline with points in Spirit Tap.
    You can't goo Oom.

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    I levelled as a smiter with 2 points in Spirit Tap, with a Holy Fire -> Smite spam rotation...thought it was more fun than shadow :3

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    As a person who has leveled two priests, one to 80 the other to 69, Shadow is where you want to put your points.

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    Discipline with points in Spirit Tap.
    You can't goo Oom.
    You will go oom every 4-5 pulls, that's with 3/3 Spirit Tap and stacking Spell and Spirit. That is more down time that shadow will be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Picklesrtasty
    Shadow is faster but if you don't like shadow I'd recomend doing the smite spec that others are refering to.

    It's all a matter of what you like
    Exactly, as you are level 50 already, I would spec into Disc with points for Searing Light and Divine Fury and the rest go to Disc, then try specing shadow and picking up the appropriate talents for shadow. That would be to try out which you prefer more. There is no reason to play a game that takes the amount of time WoW does if you are not atleast going to enjoy itl

    When leveling shadow, once you get Vampiric Touch, don't even worry about SW:P. It costs too much and if your running all spirit and spell, it will just take time off of casting MB or MF. The Pull order I use and used starting as close to max distance as possible:

    VT--> MB --> MF --> MF

    After that, you'll run through mobs almost as fast as Locks.

    As a Side note, I would take the Glyph of PW:S and another of your choice. I used Glyph of Inner Focus because i hate renewing that buff every few pulls when leveling.
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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    Until VT, SW:P mind blast mind flay wand.

    Fast single target dps, you never go OOM. For one thing, there is very little mana to regen, so until you get to higher levels and you can feasibly stack more spirit, this is a very fast rotation that kills mobs before they can get a 2nd melee hit off on you. It also uses very little mana which is useful for very low levels. When you can buy greens or blues or whatever with spirit, you can start using faster rotations that use more mana because you'll make it back faster. And also it's very easy to take on multiple mobs very quickly.

    Shadow is the way to go, despite this debate bringing many fanatics who say smiting your way 70 levels is insanely fun. Shadow has a bigger rotation and arsenal, it has PVP talents which help you survive on PVP servers and is quicker than any other talent tree while leveling.

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    Re: Spec for leveling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hárasoupriest
    Shadow is the easiest way to level because of damage output. I have a guildie that leveled to 10 to 80 in the holy tree. Took a long time, but he is one hell of a healer.
    I leveled as shadow but healed every dungeon up until Underbog where I gave up because I became friends with a resto druid. at 70 I was holy for a long time.

    I think leveling as shadow can make you a better healer because you are constantly watching your mana trying to heal that way, so when you actually spec holy/disc it's like you just made the game ez mode.

    Spec specific heals like Penance and CoH only really start to shine when you get to higher gear levels, so missing out on them while leveling isn't too big of a loss imo.

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