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    disc priest best in slot ?

    can some link a best in slot list for disc priests like there is for shadow one http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=16992 (if their is one around ) ive tried looking but can not find anything like it


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    Re: disc priest best in slot ?

    check http://elitistjerks.com/f77/t46027-d...ng_compendium/

    1st post, "Optimal gear list" section

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    Re: disc priest best in slot ?

    thanks aloak, that gives me the best in slots to look out for
    take it im looking to get in order Spellpower , intellect , haste, crit rating
    (sorry i should of said this is for the duel spec and not to sure on disc priest as ive played shadow only )

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    Re: disc priest best in slot ?

    First of all, can I say what you need is a balance of stats, so there is technically no black & white rule that tells you how to gear properly.

    Still you will find in most circumstances (for disc) the priority goes to Int, Crit, Haste/SP, MP/5, Spi. Basically you look to gear like a Holy Pally.

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