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    Gluth 10 man help!


    Were doing gluth with the guild , and have
    1 Protection Warrior
    1 Frost Death Knight Tank
    2 Holy Paladins
    1 Resto Shaman
    1 Enhancement Shaman
    1 Elemental Shaman
    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Unholy DK dps
    1 Blood DK dps

    Well we tried Gluth once and failed twice on Decimate., although to be fair i dont think melee tried to dps them down

    Point is some claim its impossible to do with the above setup whereas some believe it is
    Can someone give us tips on how to do this with our setup, even if it includes a respec or two

    Thanks for feedback

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    ur all Draenei males aswell?

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    Have your protection warrior and one of the DPS DK's wear any tank gear he has, and be the 2nd Gluth tank. With 3 healers, it should not be an issue.

    Have the frost DK tank kiting the adds, and the ele shaman keeping them slowed with the slowing totem. He needs to be sure to bring the adds far away once the decimate CD is almost done.

    Once the adds start coming towards gluth, Shadow Priest spams his OP AoE, ele shaman keeps that slow totem down while spamming chain lightning, and the enhance shaman and other DPS DK just do any AoE they got and beat on each of the adds.

    That should work.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    You can definatly do this fight with this group. My guild only uses 2 healers as we found 3 to be an overkill and one healer usually spent most of the night bored, but thats neither here nor there. What you can do is instead of having your 2 tanks on Gluth you can opt to have the Frost DK tank do the kiting of the zombie chow simply because he's a tank he will have better mitigation, HP's and be able to keep very solid aggro on the Zombie Chow. Now you ask "what about the Mortal Wound debuff?" Normally you would get 5 stacks, have the OT taunt, he/she gets 5 stacks, you taunt back. With this strategy your "OT" will be one of the DK's (preferably blood since they can heal themselves pretty well) and their job other than DPSing obviously will be to taunt gluth (yes, he doesnt do alot of melee dmg and with 3 healers should be no proplem) long enough for you to lose the 5 stacks of Mortal wound then you taunt back. Even if the DPS "OT" has to taunt right before or after a Decimate it shouldnt be a problem as long as your healers are paying attention. With 3 healers you should have 1 on the zombie chow kiter at all times (one of the pallies) another on the MT and "OT" (the other pally) and have the shaman swing heal and raid heal as needed. When decimate hits have your kite healing pally use holy wrath to stun the zombies for 3 secs. With that and the shaman grounding totem you should have no problem killing the chow before they ever get to Gluth.

    Remember the kiter is to always stay in the back of the room by the grates and on 10 man the Zombie Chow ONLY come from the center grate. If you kiter just runs from the left and right and occasionally doing DPS on the Chow and dropping whatever lasting ground AoE abilities DK's have he shouldnt have any issues getting and holding agro. Just make sure to have one of the shamans keep a grounding totem right in front of the center grate the whole time you shouldnt have any issues at all downing Gluth.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    Granite thats a pretty terrible raid setup its still possible i bet. what strategy are you using? I used to send our holy pally back there to kite the adds because they have so many damaging/aggro dealing moves to undead. and they healed themselves if they were in trouble. When decimate was near he would kite them to the back of the room to maximize time to kill adds.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    another trick you could use with this setup is after decimate have ur spriest cast devouring plague on one in the mob of zombies and then use one of your DK's to pestilence it to all of the remaining zombies.
    shamans drop earthbind/magma totem

    ALL DPS should switch to the zombies till they are dead.

    Enemy nameplates can help alot on this fight in terms of visibility of the adds.
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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    3 earthbind totems + mindsear + 3 magma totems + 2 holy wrath = dead adds

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    indeed ,like Shaamwow said, after the decimate all dps should go on adds. except u have enough aoe dps(mage, lock). unfortunatlly u dont have that so... but some earthbind totems and keeping the adds as far away from boss in the first place should work normally. GL on this weeks try
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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    ...or hunter, dk, spriest, fury warrior, ret paladin...
    it's long since the only aoe was mage/lock...
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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    Yeah your aoe seems a little limited that healers might have to drop a quick consecrate or holy wrath. Fire totems and earthbinds from shammies have to be down since all aoe dps possible for zombie chow is needed and since there seems to be no other form of slow for chow. Totems + mind sear + melee on chow should be sufficient enough to take down the chow, if not have DKs break rotation and DND. Or do the above idea and have the Frost DK on adds, his aoe is better and should be a more efficient kiter. If all else fails then have the holy pallies alternate dropping a consecrate or holy wrath to help out.
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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    I dont get why someone claim that this is a crap setup...
    Make your unholy DK kiter and keep the resto sham on it while keeping also earthbind down, on decimate, your elemental will drop an earthbind totem aswell and all the dk's + sp + elesham will nuke down the adds, enhancement can take care only of the closer zombies (but with that op aoe there shouldn't be any zombie coming so close).

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    1 holy pala heals, the other holy pally will kite whit the resto shammy...1 healer is enought to keep tanks up...than u should have enought dps to kill'm down in 1-2 decimates gg

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    AE is limited?
    2 holy wrath stuns + consecrate
    mind sear
    3 shaman fire nova totems + thunderstorm
    2 death and decays

    There is plenty of AE there, people just have to actually use it.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    If one of your DPS DKs has tank gear, he can OT and have your prot warrior kite. Or, depending on how good your MTs gear is, he can actually just let the debuff stack to 10 and pop cooldowns until it falls off).

    Piercing howl and TClap work really well for kiting zombies.

    Your ele can Thunderstorm them back, he may not know that.

    Your priest can shackle any strays, and should be able to own them with mind sear after the decimate.

    Kultiras mentioned this, but you are tanking Gluth at the far door (away from where you drop in), and kiting the zombies as far from him as you can, right?

    Fire elementals seem to be retarded half the time (just go for Gluth when dropped in the middle of the zombies. Magma is no mind sear, but you have three, if the problem is them getting to Gluth before they die.

    There's always the 'Use Bloodlust and all your DPS cooldowns at the beginning of the fight and kill him before the first Decimate' strategy too.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    I'm speechless how this is a bad setup??? Use the resto shaman the blood death knight and the elemetal shaman to tank the adds... put a earthbind totem between the outside sewers and the middle sewers. Have the resto shaman heal these 3 and the blood death knight pull any wanderers (don't forget he has a move that can freeze a player) everyone dps boss... tanks switch on stacks of 3... when decimate comes heal the tank that has aggro... heal other tank a little... while this is happening every dps should be on adds... all earthnind totems down, consecrates down, dnd down, Spriest AoE and Mindsear, Shamans Chain lighting and beat faces, and DK's pestilence and bloodboil or howling blast or anyone of the tons of AoE they do (minus the Blood DK (lol)). If they dont all die before they get to him you should probably check your gear.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Moobu
    Granite thats a pretty terrible raid setup its still possible i bet. what strategy are you using? I used to send our holy pally back there to kite the adds because they have so many damaging/aggro dealing moves to undead. and they healed themselves if they were in trouble. When decimate was near he would kite them to the back of the room to maximize time to kill adds.
    Problem is if he heals himself, he'll get pummeled to death. You want someone who can kite the adds without ever getting touched, and in the worst case someone to heal him when he gets hit so that the kiter can keep the adds at a distance.

    Any semi-tank can help tank Gluth. Mages, hunters or one of the DK dps can largely kite the adds while being healed by one guy.
    All dps on Gluth and only kill zombies during decimate.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    What we done yesterday was we had :
    1 port warrior
    1 tank drood
    2 retri paladins
    1 disc priest
    1 shadow priest
    1 resto shammy
    1 elemental shammy
    1 resto drood
    1 warlock

    im the prot tank

    The drood was on the zombies tanking them with 1.5 healer on him and i got the other 1.5 healer on me wenn i hit 6 stacks i made 1 of the retri paladins tount on 30 yard range at 8 secs on my debuff and let them tun to the back of the room and bubel my stacks went poof gone and we went on like that whole time pritty easy only 1 decamate
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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    Nax can be cleared with any raid composition.... it shouldnt matter who you bring, aslong as you have 2 tanks 2 healers and atleast 1 plate dps(something that can taunt)

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    when we did the 8 man nax we had a hunter trant.
    at max rage and kitede gluth of the Mt for the time it took the stacks to fall off.

    the dps that figth was evil.. sice we did not have to gimp a Dk/war to use tank gear.

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    Re: Gluth 10 man help!

    It depends on how many decimates you have to deal with.

    We did it our first few times by having add tanks that rotate each decimate to let the debuff fall off. Once we got it down to 2 decimates, we used the ret pally in his tanking gear for both decimates.

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