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    What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    Hey currently I'm running affliction with my not so good gear, and I must say I'm quite impressed with the dps I'm putting out, however I feel like I should be doing more DPS. Yesterday I killed Patch doing 3200 dps in naxx10 without unholy DK , Boomkin, Ele shaman or ret pala, just a Shadow Priest. I'm happy with that result but Patch is the only boss where I can pull out my max, in every other fights it's impossible to have the perfect rotation always up. I could list every boss, but would just end up by saying every boss's names.

    So my stats are:

    Hit 319
    Crit 14.24
    SP 1493
    Haste 319

    As I said before, my gear isn't nothing special, and I don't want you flaming me like "GET BETTER GEAR" or "[email protected]#$ YOU".

    Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...ol&n=Carlosmcc

    I play Aff well IMO, I don't clip dots and there are always up. SB - Haunt - UA - Immo - CoA - Corr - SL, SB filler and trying to remember to use DS <25%.

    So, is Affliction the right spec for me? or should I just respec to 41/30 or something?

    "Warlocks need love"

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    I'm not an affliction specialist for raid but 3200dps with only 1493 sp seems very good to me.

    With 41/30, which I am playing I can almost guarantee that you will do less.

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    Yep , well i was felguard/destro at time i hit 80 , because sp is not such big matter is this build because u have felguard as source of your dps.
    In affli u will see big numbers in dps after u hit 2k sp.But yeh 3200 dps with 1400 sp is preety nice .
    If u will have fully raid buffed group with boomkin , ele sham and loladin with 2000 sp> u can hit 6-7k dps on patchwerk

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I've been to naxx25 today, with the same gear, and on patchwerk I hit 4200 dps and was 4th on the dps metter. But there again, on every other bosses, I was about top 10 +-. and I'm considering speccing something else. What do you think?
    "Warlocks need love"

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    If you care about meters, stick to affliction. With the stats and results you provide, you are gonna find yourself topping almost everything as soon as you get geared.

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    how does destro compare to affliction in full ilvl213 gear?

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    Carlos, with your gear, that is some really good dps. Just gear up more and you'll be fine.

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    Quote Originally Posted by failoth
    how does destro compare to affliction in full ilvl213 gear?
    Affliction completely destroys (funny) destruction as soon as you get into ilvl200 epics and the margin just continues to improve, the better gear you get. Very few classes in the game scales as well as aff. locks atm.

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    Re: What spec is right for me? (PvE)

    ah, thanks. that sucks, i was planning on going destro. maybe it will be buffed a bit by the time i hit 80. (months)

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