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    Effect of resilience on talents

    Just a quick question to the community;

    With resilience reducing the chance to be crit does this also reduce the chance for talents such as Martyrdom, Blessed Recovery and Focused Will to occur?

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    Logic would tell you yes... whether that makes the talents less useful is a completely different discussion.

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    some procs got % chance and a hidden coldown.

    in best case u coud be reducing the time it ocours by up to 10 seconds every time.
    as some got like 50% ocourance when u crit.
    making the target crit 2 outa 5 hits instead of 2 outa 3-4.
    it isnt 2 much of big deal but it reduces some.
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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    I know with the shaman talent that gave you a short period of uninterruptability, it would proc when you were crit. If your resiliance stopped the crit and made it a regular hit, then the talent would still proc.
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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    Abadon is right, when your resilience "block" the crit you still get the proc from your talent.

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    I'm not sure if it's a 100% proc rate if resilience blocks the crit. I do know however there is at least a chance for these talents to proc if resilience blocks the crit.

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    It was confirmed by a blue post a long time ago (after resi was put into the game), that Resilence does NOT block such talents. It works like this (simple version):

    1. someone atacks you
    2. crit roll => possitive => the atack crits
    3. resilence roll => possitive => the atack is "blocked" and does not crit
    4. the crit based talent procs, since the atack WOULD crit

    So the talents are not "nerfed" by resilence. They are better with resilence so to say.

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    To describe what Knf , in the correct order:

    Attack > Talents > Gear

    The game works like that, hence even with 1200 resilience Blessed Resilience or Martyrdom would proc ever so much as it used to do.

    I wish people would stop spreading wrong information about this, it's been clarified so many times, even by Blizzard themselves.

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    Re: Effect of resilience on talents

    I couldn't understand any of the other responses so perhaps this is more understandable about talents that occur "on crit":

    1. If you actually take a crit, obviously you get the benefit.
    2. You get a chance equal to the percent of crit negated by your resilience rating for each on-incoming-crit ability to proc. This means that with multiple talents that proc on incoming crit, they may proc on different non-crits.

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