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    Best lock leveling spec?

    HI all

    I am starting a lock, from lvl 1.
    I am wondering what the best leveling spec is. I read a lot that affliction is the best and some say at 50 go Demo, BUt all those dots aint they a wast of mana.
    Isn't destro beter for leveling just letting you pet tank while you shadowbolt him to death?
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    Re: Best lock leveling spec?

    It's gonna take more Shadowbolts than dots to kill a mob. Affliction is the way to go.
    Ok im new to hotkeying so im most likely doing something wrong.

    I can hotkey alt to anything but the function keys. I can do alt+f1, f2, f3 but when i get to f4 it crashes my game EVERY TIME! Its annoying because I have to reset all my hotkeys cuz a game crash doesnt save them. Please fix soon!

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    Re: Best lock leveling spec?

    aff to 50. Stay aff to 71 or try demo spec, it's a personal choice. At 71 go 21/41/0

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    Re: Best lock leveling spec?

    Affliction with haunt and improved drain soul has zero downtime. People have decided that either a haunt spec or a felguard/sl spec is the best for levelling efficiency

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    Re: Best lock leveling spec?

    and here's information on the FG/SL (21/14/0) spec mentioned by both previous posters:

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