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    Maybe I was expecting a pony...


    I believe there are 1 or 2 more Disc talent changes you don't have yet that boost healing a little more.

    We're not worried about Disc mana generation, because it was really good before, but let us know if you get on the PTR how it feels."

    But Paladins should, right?

    I don't even know how to reply to that in regards to DISC.

    "sapphiron type aoe damage. you shield everyone on every GCD. you get mana back from every shield.



    why the hell would the "cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds apply to something that is blocked by weakened soul and can typically happen once a fight at the very beginning and not the mana regen portion as well?"

    Disc isn't an aoe healer instead they are a focused healer with one target, a tank. If I can't compare to a paladin:

    "In fact it actually rewarded being a good player and reducing your healing output.
    While Paladin's Illumination rewards all players with low and High Overheal equally. Illumination generally outpaces Rapture. You have stated you did not plan on chaning Illumination.

    Why was the existing format of Rapture not adjusted so that scaling gear would not lead to endless Priest mana?

    I'm sorry, but the new change shifts Disc Priests away from tank healing. If a healer cannot keep a constant stream of incoming healing on the tank, then they cannot tank heal.

    I can test how long I can spam heals now without going OOM. I simply have to find a target with full health and go to town. Even doing a rotation of Shields + Penance with Flash Heal in between, My numbers put me around <1.5 minutes

    Do the same thing with a Holy Pally... How long do you think a holy Pally could spam flash of light on a target with full health? Double? Triple? Infinitely? How much higher do you think their output would be?"

    ... Then what do I have?

    I'd be curious to know what this one thing or two things could possibly do to fix the changes to DISC that are currently done. Maybe from a PVP perspective these changes aren't so large but from a PVE perspective they're dramatic.

    I understand across the board EVERYONE is getting cut backs in mana regen but when you do it make sure it's evenly spread out. Maybe I'd QQ less if I were to see these changes or hear about them so I knew my class wasn't getting gutted after I spent time leveling my priest to 80, after I spent time farming gold for my enchants/gems/mounts, after I spent time in 25mans every week gearing myself for Ulduar. Maybe then, just maybe, I'd QQ less.

    My only guess is after all of my time spent Disc I'm supposed to go Holy for PVE content finally. I thought the talent trees were supposed to be diverse and not set for specifically one thing.

    What is going on? I'm utterly confused. :'(

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    Re: Maybe I was expecting a pony...

    Looking at how its been so far its something to fill in the gabs, so discipline is completely filled with talents - since its bloated they might as well go all the way until it bursts 71 points disc specs and similar.

    But seriously no idea - but can't go much more than up from now on I guess.
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