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    Pandemic and 3.1 SL

    Would pandemic cause Siphon Life to also tick twice (assuming it ticks in sync to corruption ticks)
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    Re: Pandemic and 3.1 SL

    Who knows.

    However it's been stated that they are looking at "removing the restriction mechanism of HoTs (and DoTs) critting". About time imo.

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    Re: Pandemic and 3.1 SL

    The wording of the statement made me assume that our corruption ticks would heal, rather than corruption apply the siphon life debuff. Letting pandemic only cause one crit, but it's a larger crit that can heal.

    (If it's as I assumed, the larger ticks of healing would be a slight pvp buff from the improved self-healing.)

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    Re: Pandemic and 3.1 SL

    As far as it goes it is most likely that corruption will apply an addition siphon life debuff just like it is now, only the siphon life application thusly will be passive.
    My guess is for now it won't be critting, but it's all speculation.

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