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    battleground on 80

    I've posted earlier saying Im a noob priest. I've been reading this forum about shadow pvp. However, I'm between lvl 70 and 79 on battlegrounds now and I feel that shadowpriests do fair there. What is it like on 80? Are there classes we are able to take or does everyone own us?
    On battlegrounds with people on level 70-79 (remember, Im not very skilled) I feel that:

    Deathknights: Probably the class that is easiest to take, even if they are some levels above you. Perhaps you've learnt how to kill them because there are so many of them? Or maybe because there are so many of them, many of them play terrible? Blood are the easiest ones, that gnawing goul on unholy can be annoying sometimes.
    Shamans: They aren't really causing that much trouble.
    Paladins: Well, there are not really much to do there. They are the ones you really don't want to meet, but they sure want to meet you.
    Mages: Frost is a pain in the ass, arcane is a bit easier. Haven't met many fire ones.
    Druids: Moonkins are ok, the tree ok. Cats can be annoying sometimes but can also be killable. Haven't met many bearform ones.
    Hunters: Another pain in the ass, not easy to escape and you must be very lucky if you're able to kill him before he and his pet kill you (which they do quite often).
    Rogues: Annoying, but if able to fear him and time in the use of trinket, well they can be killable.
    Warriors: I don't find them causing that much trouble.
    Warlocks: Haven't met many of them. I've noticed them around when I've forgotten fear ward. Don't know how they are to meet really.

    So, what's your opinion about shadow in battlegrounds, especially on lvl 80? Would be nice to hear what you think about the other classes and also shadow in general? Cause I feel like probably arena is where shadow has the most problems, but perhaps that goes for lvl 80 battlegrounds as well?
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    Re: battleground on 80

    Shadowform is a big, gloving "kill me!" sign in BGs for any Retardin, DK and melee class in general.

    If you hide behind a big rock and nuke ppl before they see you it's fine.

    If they see you, next time find a bigger rock.

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