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    Demonic Tanking

    Here is an idea to add more to the warlock's pve utility:

    Demonic tanking

    Instantly summon a voidwalker causing x shadow damage per second for t seconds in a radius of n meters with an extremely high level of threat.

    Can only be invoked if the main tank died.

    The voidwalker disappears after t seconds.

    Cost: 50% of base mana + 2 soul shards.
    Cooldown: 30 minutes.

    The idea would be to give a team a last chance (for t seconds) not to wipe when the tank is dead: finish the boss, rez the tank or whatever.
    x, t and n to be defined.

    This would add a new pve utility for the warlock that would not threaten pve or pvp class balance.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Demonic Tanking

    That was what Metamorphosis was supposed to offer - a 'Oh crap- nothing is tanking the mob anymore - better get something in there fast' button. Maybe if they 'fixed' this to do that job properly (I can just dream of making Meta a permanent 'lasts until cancelled' transformation...), it'll make the Demon tree more popular again cos right now, I've been floating between Demon and Affliction while I'm levelling and I find affliction much better - can take down 4 or 5 mobs easily at once just by dotting them up and rotating the dots. With Demon I find more than 3 mobs and it gets 'tense'.

    No-one is going to invite a warlock to a 5 man, or a raid, because if the tank dies, they'll be able to send another one in. No-one really plans 5 mans in particular on having the tank die during a boss fight, and during a raid there's always at least 1 OT to cover this.

    These days, the only thing that matters for 'pure' dps classes is what's in Recount. Until Warlock can match, or better, what other classes are reporting in Recount, they'll always generally be one of the last classes to be picked.

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    Re: Demonic Tanking

    lol warlocks are fine at the dps on the recount

    and its a bad idea the warlock tank on a raid

    there is always an ot

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    Re: Demonic Tanking

    but ... but if the OT die as wel.

    than sent in the hunter pets

    but ... but if the hunter pets die

    than we sent in the druids and paladins ... sigh...

    but ... but...

    ENOUGH!!! ^^

    no need to have such a spell i mean when such a thing happens that MT as well as OT die there will be to many cassualties allready to prevent a wipe so, better wipe and go again fast

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