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    Another "Rate my Build" thread (demo/destro w/ imp)

    Hey all, ive been interested in levelling a 'Lock for absolutely ages now, but never quite found the willpower to do it. Anyways, since my girl and I are looking to start levelling a pair of characters together, I thought i could finally take the opportunity to level my lock, and ive been looking at a fire build focusing around an imp - some kind of demo/destro hybrid build.
    What ive come up with so far is http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IZfMczsgRVzsxZVcGqM0uVo
    Its meant to be a primarily PvE build, but since the character wouldnt be my main raiding char, im mostly talking 5/10 mans etc. The idea is getting a really nice fire damage multiplier, as well as loads of crit, obviously.

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    Re: Another "Rate my Build" thread (demo/destro w/ imp)

    Go for Mana Feed instead of demonic resilience. The build is fine, typical 0/40/31 Imp demo/destro spec
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    Re: Another "Rate my Build" thread (demo/destro w/ imp)

    Yes imp/dest build is acceptable but fg/ember outperforms imp/dest in dps.

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