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    39/0/32 Shadowspec

    Shadowpriests aren't that good in 2v2 atm, they only get squished right away, and i thought, maybe this spec could work:
    Priests are mostly relying on their partners, and this can dispel as fast as a disc priest, it has focussed will for if you are being focussed, silence, Reflective shield and power infusion, i'm just wondering if this could be a good spec for arena =)
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    Close to being the offensive disc spec that was popular in TBC. I think you'll lose a lot of dps and sustainability by not taking VT though.

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    Well, i think it could be good for 2v2 dps+dps.. because SP is mostly focussed we c an't cast much taht way anyway, and like this we have more abilities and more mana, and 0.5 sec MD, could also get 2 points into mana burn

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    Quote Originally Posted by Xip
    Grow up...

    And talkign to the OP, the spec looks good. Gives you a little bit of fire power and a little bit of survivability. Also, not sure but I thought i heard about them making shadowform a bit better for pvp.
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    You sir, is a retard.

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    I guess you could use that as a "fun" spec. I doubt it will be as effective as tried and true cookie cutter specs which unfortunately we're forced to use if you want to get serious.

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    It's not shadow, since it has more pts in disc :P

    It can work, because ppl will be like "wtf is going on!!" and you can take them by supprise.

    But "suprise!!" will only take you so far.

    Fun spec to be sure I like it when priest try to be creative instead of QQing like warlocks :P

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    have to go deeper in one or the other, you give up both dispersion and pain supression. If you have a rogue partner good enough to lock down for you then he can do the same with other specs as well.
    Go the traditional pain supression silence, healer can still front load nuke if not forced onto the defensive early, need at least one oh shit button to buy time for your partner through dual dps.

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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    If you are going further into Discipline, keep in mind the damage of Penance will be improved as well.
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    Re: 39/0/32 Shadowspec

    That wasn't more constructive than your first post, was it?

    You also fail at quoting btw. It was a nice karma roundhouse kick.

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