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    Warlocks - How do you calculate damage?

    In order to compare the damage output on my lvl 80 warlock I created an excel document that crunches data and spits out a number that I use to compare each of my spells. Granted this equation can't factor in the importance of combination spell synergy like MC but it is a good starting point. The purpose of this post is to see if my equations are sound.

    I will compare a hand full of spells and come to some conclusions based on the data generated. I will also do a Rain of Fire vs. Seed of Corruption comparison. This data is based on the following criteria: lvl 80 deep destro lock with 475 haste, 22.7% crit and 2022 spell power. The damage is taken from a lvl 80 target dummy.

    Initial Data:
    format - (spell name / base damage / crit damage / modified cast speed)
    Incinerate with Immolate active / 2,938 / 5,973 / 1.92 sec.
    Incinerate w/o Immolate / 2,704 / 5,594 / 1.92 sec
    Chaos Bolt / 3,675 / 7,720 / 1.71 sec.
    Shadowflame burst & dot / 1,016 (burst) 303 (DoT) / 1,975 (burst crit) / GCD w/haste or 1.28 sec.
    Shadowbolt / 2,825 / 5,850 / 2.14 sec.
    Immolate / 1,450 (burst) 768 (DoT) / 2,926 (bust crit) / 1.28 sec.
    Corruption / 649 (DoT) / none / GCD w/ haste or 1.28 sec
    Curse of Agony / averaged 347 (DoT) / none / GCD w/ haste or 1.28 sec.
    Soulfire / 4,437 / 9,150 / 3.42 sec.

    The next step in the process was to find the average spell damage of each spell. I did this by using the following equation:
    (normal damage*(1-crit%))+(crit damage*(crit%))
    Then, in order to compare each spell evenly I determined how muh damage it would do in a given GCD or 1.5 sec. I did this so I could compare casting DoTs verses longer cast spells. This data is not as valid in fast fights but boss fights that last at least as long as a DoT duration. I came up with the following values:

    (Spell Name / Average Damage / 1.5 sec. damage value)
    Incinerate with Immolate active / 3,627 / 2,827
    Incinerate w/o Immolate / 3,360 / 2,619
    Chaos Bolt / 4,593 / 4,028
    Shadowflame burst & dot / 1,234 (ave. burst) + 1,212 (DoT) = 2,446 / 2,655 GCD w/haste
    Shadowbolt / 3,512 / 2,464
    Immolate / 1,785 (ave. burst) + 3,840 (DoT) = 5,625 / 5,927
    Corruption - 3,894 (DoT) / 4,563 GCD w/haste
    Curse of Agony - 4,168 (DoT) / 4,884 GCD w/haste
    Soulfire - 5,507 / 2,415

    Based on this data I would say on a long fight it would always be worthwhile to keep up Corruption and CoA based on their 1.5 sec damage value or the amount of damage you can render in any given 1.5 sec as long as the fight lasts the full extent of the DoT. You will also notice that Soulfire is the most worthless spell on the page and probably should never be cast. You can also see that it is always worthwhile to have Immolate in place not just for its bonus to Incinerate but for the 1.5 sec. it takes to cast, in the long run, it does fantastic damage.

    One may say that Soulfire becomes more valid with the 30% haste from Conflagrate but that is NOT true. The 1.5 sec values still show that it is better to cast another Incinerate then a Soulfire. (4,039 vs. 3,450)

    Lastly, I'd like to compare Rain of Fire and Seed of Corruption:
    RoF base damage = 1,443 Crit = 3,017 Average Dam = 1,800 w/haste 1.5sec value = 1,579
    Seed of Corruption = 2,190 Crit = 3,595 Average Dam = 2,509 w/haste 1.5 sec value = 2,200

    The burst of the seed does not damage the target of the seed, therefore damage is figured such
    damage in 1.5 sec.
    1 target RoF = 1,579 SoC = 0
    2 target RoF = 3,158 SoC = 2,200
    3 target RoF = 4,737 SoC = 4,400
    4 target RoF = 6,315 SoC = 6,600

    Therefore in an AoE fight if there are 4 or more targets it is better to use SoC. This data will differ slightly per player but typically you will find SoC dealing more damage the more mobs there are. Keep in mind though that SoC CAN proc MC therefore increasing damage of your RoF. It is also smart to throw out a quick Corruption or CoA if plan on using RoF on a long AoE burn.

    I think the data shown will change slightly with each players build but much of the basic information will remain the same. Also, it is very important to figure in situations, fight durations, procs and buffs when considering the stats generated.

    Well I hope some of this helps people. Let me know how far off I am on my calculations.

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    Re: Warlocks - How do you calculate damage?


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