Thread: sl/sl again?

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    sl/sl again?

    Does anyone else think that the movement of Fel Synergy was a shout out to the ol SL/SL build? Here's something i think would be very interesting....

    Seems like a lot more damage reduction, you would probably be able to keep up ur pet now with dot damage healing them. Felpup should never run out of mana. You'll get benefits to your spell power from demonic knowledge that will hopefully make up for the dps loss from siphon life nerf.

    Im gonna try it out and let ya'll know. but what do you guys think about it first?

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    Re: sl/sl again?

    Why imp shadowbolt over Bane ???

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    Re: sl/sl again?

    Because SB's are mostly just cast on nightfall procs?

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    Re: sl/sl again?

    Wow thats a terrible spec

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    Re: sl/sl again?

    IF i should take something close to that, i would rather go full afflic/SL/Molten skin.
    But anyways...

    Best spec will probably be Meta/ruin and ofc with Molten skin

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