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    Fel Synergy

    "You have a 50% chance to heal your pet for 50% of the amount of damage done by you"
    "You have a 100% chance to heal your pet for 30% of the amount of damage done by you"

    Personally i think 1 point is better overall than 2 points for destro and 2 points would be better for afflic. Considering the bursty nature of desto having a higher % for crits (i.e 50% of 10k is 5k heal compared to 30% which is 3k) and afflic have 30% of all dot dmg which 6 x ~1000/0.3 2k per 2-3sec would be better than not getting heals on half your dots.

    Obviously i think this is more of a pvp buff, normally in pve if your pet dies its usually a 1 shot unless on fights like sarth and ur healers blow. Also i wanted to bring up the whole pyroclasm and sering pain combination, i think would be a huge benifit to pvp. After tring destro for the 1st time since new talents im lovin it. I think ill be tring something like this to get started (for pvp). Normally i'd be talking pve but im done with that till uldar
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    Re: Fel Synergy

    me thinks its typo, they prob meant 15%/30%

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