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    How do you convince a RL you're good enough w/o the achievement?

    Say there's an advertisement in trade chat:

    [trade][raid-leader-person]: LFM malygos25, must be geared and have 10man achievement.

    now, i dont have the achievement, as my guild sucks, and i've never been lucky enough to find a successful pug. but i've seen the fight a hundred times on youtube/tankspot/warcraftmovies/etc.

    my gear is more than good enough to fight malygos, so what do i say that will convince the RL i'm good enough to be in his raid?

    normally i wouldnt care, but its a raid i've never completed, and he's pugged a bunch of successful tough fights already.

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    Re: How do you convince a RL you're good enough w/o the achievement?

    i wouldnt say that watching == knowing the fight

    fights like sarth3d and kiljaden cannot be learned by just watching the video because of how many things are going on

    i guess in this case it's just luck, just tell him straight up that you read the strats and show him some of your gears, or find a better guild if you really really want to raid.

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    Re: How do you convince a RL you're good enough w/o the achievement?


    Quite the contrary with regards to these encounters. Sarth + 3D isn't all that "hard" per say. That is, you've done all the drakes individually, and if you've done Sarth + 1D with each you know what each of them will do. While there's a whole lot going on, the basics of the fight are already known.

    Avoid void zones.
    Avoid flame walls.

    DPS down adds.
    DPS down drakes.

    Off-tank Sarth til this all is done.

    The core mechanics of each fight are known precisely by anyone whom has done each of the dragons as well as Sarth. Whether or not they perform is a different story, but if a guild is recruiting solely based on whether or not you personally have the Twilight Vanquisher achievement, I would say that guild needs to learn a bit more about recruiting.

    You can have players who don't have the best gear but would fit in with the guild and are good at the game. Sure, there are a lot of bad players out there. But if someone is intending to join your guild, you can set precisely the rules you want them to meet. If they don't meet 'em, boot 'em.

    It's quite possible the player is a better player and is looking to your guild to help match their playstyle. Perhaps the guild they're in just cannot keep up with how they play the game? I mean, it's not like you can down Sarth with 1 person. And if 10-20 other people in your guild are failing it's not necessarily your fault.

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    Re: How do you convince a RL you're good enough w/o the achievement?

    you miss out the fact that the most important role rests on the shoulder of healers to chain their cooldown and warrior letting them know when sarth's breathing during shadron and vesperon's uptime. this is something that you cannot tell, and you'd have to try really really hard even in healer's pov.

    there are a lot of communications going on in the back, and no matter how many times you watch some guild's video of downing a very hard raid boss, it's =/= experiencing it in game. im not arguing that you cannot learn fights from watching encounter videos, but it doesnt provide nearly enough insight for you to master it without physically being there.

    so from op's perspective, he can at most say he knows the strat for that encounter, but he has no experience in it.

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    Re: How do you convince a RL you're good enough w/o the achievement?

    /w I have this achiev on my main, check on armory ( someone else character with the achiev and good gear ).


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