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    Re: ulduar trailer

    Doubt it is the official trailer, Probably a first look at it only.

    Official trailers almost always have voice acting in it
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    Re: ulduar trailer

    yeah; but atleast you get a more in-depth feel than looking at pix's

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Bazza
    "Sup". Thanks for linking a shitty lower quality version of something that's already been posted about 50 times and is on the official website.
    O i soz, nerd rage more plox

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    "hey guys i'm gonna talk in quotes, because it seems clever"

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    "sounds good"

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    If you think telling people they need to go back to school seems clever, you should go back to school.

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Bazza
    If you think quotes are there so people can seem clever, then you really need to go back to school.
    Troll moarrrr

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    This entire thread fails...

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Drazjar
    Troll moarrrr

    I C wut you did thar.

    Now on topic, Yes it's awesome music, but it is only a teaser trailer, the new one will be done machinima style.
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    I tihnk wehn naruto uses teh spirit bomb on vegeta den he will b defeated and tehn he can fite teh homonclus taht ed made cuz he cant cuz its his mawm!!! ^______________________^

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    Worst thread ever.

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    I think its quite epic.

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    Re: ulduar trailer

    The best nerd rage is when they deny they are nerd raging.

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