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    Re: New Holy Priest build for 3.1?

    Same talent points as before. Just that now IHC has been removed for Improved Renew and Serendipity is now the most uber spell ever.

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    Re: New Holy Priest build for 3.1?

    Izenhart: You actually waste points on 2 Things: First in inspiration than in holy prayers.

    Let me explain why ^^

    In my raiding experience on ptr and on live servers, inspiration is a rather useless talent. The main reason why is, that you can't exactly time your spells that you could actually use inspiration as a permanent tank buff, and in addition to that most tanks are getting closely to the armor max. So I don't care about it.

    The main difference to live servers is, that you have to pick up improved rennew now, because the instant 15% are really nice (although bugged on ptr ). The instant heal is somehere between 1,1-1,3k without raid buffs. But still there is one point in the first 20 pointsleft that you can spent whereever you want. Maybe 1/3 in inspiration or 1/2 in healing focus. Than healing prayers. Well it isn't a bad talent, but you can't really pick it up neither. Personally I prefer stuff like holy range, because we have more and more space in bossrooms, so range is a big issue and can really help us out. On the otherhand I know that Prayer of Healing casttime of 1,06 seconds with triple serendipity is really nice, but unless you have the 3 stacks you won't probably use the spell.

    So with my build, I have to take into account, that PoM and PoH cost more mana so I have to tune my gear upon spirit.

    The last thing I's like you to remember is that test of faith is an awsome talent. You have almost all the time people below 50% health during a boss encounter, and test of faith affects all! spells, this counts also for CoH wich is really powerful now.

    Finally the greatest change with 3.1. is the fact that you have to adapt your heal style. That means that at the moment we are the most versatile Healers in the game (on ptr^^) and it's not that simple to choose the right thing to do with all this good spells now. Healing is getting a bit more skill-oriented than spam-oriented which is actually a good thing But we will see if thats the case wwhen 3.1 goes live

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    Re: New Holy Priest build for 3.1?

    First off, i'm a disc priest.

    Blizzard has announced before WotLK hit, that people will have to choose in specs, that you can't get every talent. Therefore, you'll need to look at raidsetups, specs and decide what class/spec will be doing what. From that, I concluded that in 3.1 the holy priest will be emphasised on raidhealing.

    With raidhealing you don't need to buff the mage for example with +25% armor so Inspiration isn't needed for that. There are currently 2 specs that can give someone +25% armor almost permanently and that's the disc priest (MT healer) and resto shaman (with chainheals starting from the tank). So if you don't have a disc healer, it might be worth it to drop some other talent to get Inspiration. Otherwise, you don't need it.

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    Re: New Holy Priest build for 3.1?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderball
    We will be using this build most likely (assuming the current situation will go live):

    We are considering picking up Lightwell instead of Test of Faith but we still have to wait to see Ulduar.
    I second this build, except for I'd definitely put a point in Lightwell instead of 1/3 Test of Faith. Don't forget - you can click on Lightwell even if you're stunned/incapacitated; it works miracles for fights like Maexxna in Naxx when she's enraged and the raid is webbed up.

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    Re: New Holy Priest build for 3.1?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nesco
    With raidhealing you don't need to buff the mage for example with +25% armor so Inspiration isn't needed for that.
    Basing my judgement on this argument, in my noobish opinion i consider this specc to be the most viable for a strong aoe healer.

    You can always switch 1pt from Healing Focus to Desperate Prayer, if you feel unsafe w/o that in your pockets.

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