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    Priest pvp build 3.1

    What do you guys think about this specc?


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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    thats a pve build

    edit: i'd go with something like this http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...0&version=9626

    but not really sure because i dont pvp that much

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    roflmao xD linked wrong build will edit

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1


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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    with that specc ur gettin blessed ressilience but ur missing out the important stuff in disc pvp specc:S

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1


    the last 3 points arguably can be put into blessed recovery or divine aegis.

    personally, i prefer blessed recovery over divine aegis, only when your resil is below around 800 or 900 as crit chains will be frequent.

    but once you get higher resilience, divine aegis might be the choice as less crits = less blessed recovery procs.

    the glyphs are important too. +50% inner fire armor, -50% mana cost to mass dispell (which is your bread and butter vs pallies and mages) and flash heal is a given with talents/less attractive glyphs.

    The minors are personal choice again, but i believe shadow fiend is a must.

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    yeah, atm i got 803 ressi and i prefer blessed recovery over divine aegis. (don't have alot of crit) But, u got any suggestions on what gems i should use, also my spellpower is also a little low (1650 or so SP)!

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    1650 sp with 803 resil? un-buffed? (no inner fire).

    I have 1963 sp, (granted i only use 633 resil worth of gear).

    chant your stuff for sp, gem for resil/stam (until 900+ resil?). +63 sp to wep, ring sp chants (if your chanter), bracers, gloves.

    be sure your getting your head/shoulder chants too (wg has some good ones, along with good meta gem choices).

    the yellow gem from WG is +20 resil gem, not a bad choice.

    you want more so some hit too because mass dispells missing are annoying, same goes for fears. around 75 or so.

    (i don't have the hit, but its suggested).

    can't remember how much resil you want exactly, (800/900 is good though).

    Edit: Embroiders are important too, if your a tailor, invest in the purple ones (+50 sp, +30 stam) or if your still a little low on resil (which you arn't) i believe theres a +50 resil/+30 stam leg (embroider? enchant?), not sure where i saw it but i'm sure i saw it on a hunter.

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    i'll link u my armory and then throw in some suggestions, ofc i always enchant/gem my gear:P well i just checked with my pvp gear on only 1593 SP:S but i'm mostly wearing savage

    can remove a trinket and get 111 more SP but then i loose 84 ressi:S!

    This is all WITH inner fire -.-

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    well, your pvp trinket is a must, never take that off lol....if you ahve the badges, get the 98 sp/chance on cast to increase spell haste by 500 trinket from badges...or if you have the WG marks, get the sp/chance on cast to increase sp by 500 trinket from wg.

    do vaults weekly, free deadly/hateful isn't bad

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    The thing is i know all of this stuff, atm i got the 111SP trinket+chance to get a heal on 3.5k over time in my bags

    Using the WG trinket + PvP trinket,

    But all of this is gimping my spellpower. switch the WG trinket for 111 SP?

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    I guess that I will go with smth like that http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...&version=9614#
    and prolly Glyph of Mass Dispell, Glyph of Penance and Glyph of Hymn of Hope

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    Re: Priest pvp build 3.1

    My build


    Spare glyph slot will be Glyph of Penance (Reduces the CD on Penance by 2 sec)

    I don't think Imp Flash Heal will be necessary, particularly when we have Penance on a 6sec CD, the amount of Flash heals will drop, particularly 2s which is all I really play. Keep in mind that Penance can be self cast in 3.1.

    Renewed Hope is a bit iffy, you're not going to crit much and if you do you get no benefit other than some extra healing, but I feel having a 3% damage reduction up on your team at all times is nice to have up your sleeve.

    I don't take martydom because I don't allow people to interrupt my casts, we have quite a few instants and I find mages will blow their CS b4 i give them the opportunity to hit a penance or flash heal. I even cancel casts trying to draw it out... i'm also a bit confused on the wording, do we get 20% less duration on interrupt effects at all times or only when we have the focused casting effect?

    Lastly I think you have to take enlightenment... 6% haste is win, particularly when you want to mana burn. You also get some extra spirit which should be on most of your gear, so it makes up some of the mana lost in not taking Absolution.

    Some people find not taking inner fire stupid, but even triggering it to binding heal (1043 mana) every 3mins would only yeild 29mp/5 and there is no real synergy with critting. 25% crit rate isn't uber either and something I don't even consider with the talent other than using it with MB when i'm shadow (and with the new talents it looks like i'll drop Inner Focus even for shadow). Even if I took a spare point out of something to pick up inner focus i'd rather spend it on absolution. Admittadly you'd have to cast dispel magic 43 times in 3mins for it to equal the same mana, but I can't say i'd expect to be using inner focus every 3mins exactly and having to utilise binding heal anyways... and tbh in a long fight you will cast dispel magic quite a bit.

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