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    Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    I haven't been able to get onto PTR to see if anything about this has been changed, and probally need to check it out myself. But I was wondering if anyone who had a "buggy" achievement has gotten it or the counter properly shows the amount of recipes you have learned?

    I'm currently showing 155/160, but Ackis and manually going through WoWhead to check my recipes against only show me missing Savory and Dirge, but that would only put me at 157/160 cooking recipes, with no more to learn. Anyone else in the same boat, but saw a change or fix on the PTR?

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    Why not you paid your $15 right?

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    Re: Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    While it was nice of you to link that addon, I'm asking if anyone else has a "buggy" achievemnt ( people who had all recipes that addons/wowhead showed but still no achievement) received it when they logged on PTR.

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    Re: Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    I managed to get 160 recipes a few weeks back. I went on wowwiki and printed off the entire list then highlighted the ones I had. All the ones I needed were ones you could only get as quest rewards from the opposite faction (I rolled an alliance DK to do 4 quests, transfered the recipes over the neutral AH and bingo achievement) Have you actually counted your recipes to see how many you have? If you get the savory one and it takes your count to 160 then you can ask a GM whats going on. I dont have the dirge recipe either ands its not needed to get the achievement.

    As for buggy achievements, only one I came across was champion of northrend. It didnt show you needed to kill malygos to get it (later fixed and now shows it tho)

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    Re: Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    On my rogue, I got to 161 a few days after 3.0.8 was released.
    I can't imagine it being much harder for other classes.

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    Re: Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    I've counted mine at 158. The two I need are Savory and AQ, just haven't gotten arond to them, since my achievement only states 155. I know other people have had this problem, was hoping someone on here had seen a fix or something of the sort for it, if not I'll head to the o-boards.

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    Re: Chef De Cuisine in PTR

    On my Warrior i have bang on 160,

    I believe there are 162 recipe's in game.

    The 2 i don't have are Thistle tea (rogue only) and the AQ40 Dirge one.

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