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    SP dps on ptr

    Anyone who play on ptr can say how sp dps look now compare to the sp from normal serwers? Some people say that new shadowform is a nerf and Im confusing about this. So can any sp say how his dps looks now? Its better or not?

    I wanna reply only from players who play on ptr serwers.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: SP dps on ptr

    DPS is higher, but people are saying that DoTs are still getting the old effect from shadow form as well as the new effect.

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    Re: SP dps on ptr

    DoTs are ticking higher as the poster above me said, but thats seems to be a bug.

    They'll maybe change Shadowpower so that it'll increase Dot crits by 200% and remove the old effect. (slightly buff due of Metagem 3% additional crit)

    DP should deal 30% more dmg ; its maybe an ~3-4% overall dmg increase...

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    Re: SP dps on ptr

    Yes, it's bugged, so you can't test the real dps numbers on PTR atm. So theory is all we have and the above is about right.

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